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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


Sewing Club Spring Term 2011 - Year 3 & 4 - Patchwork

The children are learning how to create patchwork. They use square shaped card and fabric. We have taught them to tack their fabric to card and subsequently stitch them together. The aim is produce a waistcoat or an item they can wear. All the fabric is recycled and the card templates are from scraps of card.
Picture 1 Using an instruction sheet.
Picture 2 Concentrating on their sewing.
Picture 3 Preparing squares for the patchwork.
Picture 4 Helping each other to sew together.
Picture 5 A waistcoat front is nearly finished.
Picture 6 Sewing squares together.
Picture 7 Concentrating from some Year 4 girls.
Picture 8 Nearly finished to make a top.
Picture 9 Working towards making a bag.
Picture 10 Enough squares for a waistcoat back.
Picture 11 Making sure there are no holes.
Picture 12 Stitching needs to be tightly sewn.
Picture 13 Checking the layout.
Picture 14 Over stitching to sew the squares.
Picture 15 Matching the coloured squares.
Picture 16 Tote bag.
Picture 17 Skirt.
Picture 18 Tote bag.
Picture 19 Tote bag.
Picture 20 Shoulder bag.
Picture 21 Waistcoat.
Picture 22 Shoulder bag.
Picture 23 Shoulder bag.
Picture 24 Top.