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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


Children's Work

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Picture 4
Picture 5 Year 5 and Year 2 worked together
Picture 6 Here's a film group planning their Harry Potter
Picture 7 We have been learning about weight in maths.
Picture 8 We made Greek pots from clay
Picture 9 The children have been busy
Picture 10 In science we have been learning about shadows
Picture 11 The cubes have been sorting 3D shapes
Picture 12 Look at our fantastic space homework posters
Picture 13 This is Laura's fantastic rocket cushion
Picture 14 The children collaged a planet or the sun
Picture 15 Some children collaged a fantastic astronaut, flag
Picture 16 We all enjoyed sewing
Picture 17 Channon gets stuck in with her sewing!
Picture 18 Symmetrical drawings from our funny face photo
Picture 19 Here is Tom's symmetrical drawing