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The Tutankhamun Exhibition

The Gugg Visit - Community Art Project

Chance to Shine Cricket

Science experiment investigating sound

Science experiment investigating sound and distance

We conducted a science experiment to see if sounds were fainter, the further away we came from the source. 

We measured the playground out in 5m intervals. We had a timer and a chime bar. One person stood at the 5m line and their partner hit the chime bar. The person on the 5m line timed how long they could hear the chime. We repeated it for 10, 15, 20 and 25m.

We learnt that the further away we were from the source, the less time we could here the chime - fainter the sound became. We also discovered that other factors affected the results including outside noise and how hard the chime was hit.

We have been looking at the street artist Banksy. We sponge painted a brick wall. Then we drew a template onto a piece of plastic and cut it out to create a template. We sponge painted the stencil. They are dry, we are going to add a statement...check in soon to see our finished work.

Trip to Ancient Technology Centre

What an amazing trip!
We learnt how to saw wood.
Split the wood so it would dry out.
We made rope.
An Anglo-Saxon house.
The fire really warmed us up!
We learnt how to weave.