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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


Sewing Club Summer Term 2011 - Year 1 & 2 - Back pack

The children are working towards making a back pack with a drawstring fastening. They will, primarily, be sewing by hand but have the opportunity to use the sewing machines to piece it all together. We have Isabelle T, Anna J, Millie, Russell and Tasmin, from Year 4, helping us each Wednesday.
Perseverance in threading a needle!
Watching where she is going.
We encourage small, neat stitches.
Keeping tables neat and tidy.
Following a chalk line of the initial.
Concentrating hard where to go next.
Holding onto the 'eye' of the needle.
Watching which side to start.
Pulling the thread right through.
Listening to instructions.
We are using cotton fabric.
Putting their initial on the pocket.