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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


Prayer Page

Welcome to our prayer page.

At Stalbridge Primary, the children enjoy saying and sharing prayers almost every day.

We pray for things which affect us in school, community and the world.

When there are special events to mark or remember, we meet together for a moment of peace, a minutes silence or quiet reflection.


Our school prayer:


Lord God, we give you thanks for this wonderful world,
and for the gift of this school,
  and for all who share in our life together.

Thank you that you believe in us to grow and develop our gifts.
Help us to believe in ourselves and in you
so that we can realise the gifts and talents
  you have given us.

Give us, we pray, a creative curiosity
so that we can discover more of your wonder 
  and purpose for our lives.

Lord God, we are part of your creation which is very good.
Bless us with courage to aspire for all that is good
  and builds up our common life.

Lord God, be our vision, our hope and our life.
In the name of Jesus, we pray. 



If you have a prayer request, let us know and we can add this to our prayer page. You can contact us by email at

We look forward to sharing your prayers together.


Sharing our Prayers from our Prayer Wall


Dear Lord,

Please help those who are unwell. Help us to remember them in our prayers.



Dear Lord,

Thank you for our amazing lives. Help those that are less fortunate than ourselves, like refugees, the homeless and people who have had to abandon their homes because of war.



Dear Lord,

Please let there be peace in the world and please help us to be happy and healthy. Please help those who are having troubles and finding life hard.



Dear Lord,

Thank you for our families and nice warm homes. Please help us to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.



Dear God,

Let there be safety all around the world and help those who are in danger right now.



Dear Lord,

Thank you for the food that we get from the world and making Harvest a celebration.


Everyone has worked together to create a prayer tree in our playground.

Come and see the prayers, take time to say a prayer or just have some time to think and talk to God.