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Final term in Year 5

We are completing the year with some diary entries in the style of children from "Street Child." We have enjoyed reading this as our class reader and have carried out some drama techniques to accompany our learning.


To infinity and beyond

Our next topic will allow us to travel through history to see how space travel has changed and explore non chronological reporting about a certain space mission. Just one small step for us!


Myth Writing

All of the children have written their version of the Alchemist's letter. They were all fantastic and I am so proud of all of them all for their hard work. Please come and see their work after school one day.


The Lost happy endings

We have had a great couple of weeks reading a different kind of story. This one is packed full of personification and the children have written their own poetry full of lines which personify objects. They are fantastic. I have also enjoyed their letters to the Witch or Mrs Hagg as we politely called her! Well done to the Kingfishers, some great Big Write entries.


First half term

We have had a fantastic first half term. Sadly the sickness bug has caught up with year 5 (including the staff) but we will all enjoy a break and be ready for the next half term. Well done Kingfishers you're doing great!


Our last day at Leeson

After a great evening, we have all woken up ready for another exciting day. After breakfast, we begin the cleaning process! Packing our bags and hoovering the rooms!! After that, we are going to be learning compass skills. The children have really enjoyed orienteering around the grounds, so we will be doing some more of this later too. 

They have all been fantastic and enjoyed their time here. We have really seen a different side to many of them and the team building challenges brought out the best in some of our quiet class members. It's been fantastic. They will sleep well tonight I am sure!



6th October

We've had a great day at the river and playing team games. We are looking forward to seeing Mrs Lafferty-Jenkins later. We have an animal trackers activity tonight and some indoor games. The weather has cooled, but a least it's dry! Lots of smiles again today and a fantastic team effort in our games activities.


Finding the source of the Swanbrook

Today we are carrying out a river study and playing team games. They've had a great nights sleep with no disturbances so after a hearty breakfast we will be ready to go!

We are heading into Swanage to find the source and its tributaries. We have explored, first hand, how rivers are formed and I was so proud of what they could remember from our geography lessons this term. Another great day ahead.

Arts Day

Year Five had a great day on Wednesday (6th July) at Sturminster Newton High School for Arts Day. We learnt some Samba, did some drama, made printing circles or used pinhole cameras and zombified ourselves. An amazingly creative day!

Sporting Challenge Day

Year Five and Six had great fun meeting up with other children from the pyramid at the Sturminster Newton Sporting Challenge Day on Monday, 4th July. It was great to meet up with other schools and the chance to meet new friends ready for the start of secondary school.




Year Five had a great time sailing at the Andrew Simpson Sailing Centre on Wednesday, 29th June. It was quite a blustery but we had great fun out on the boats.

Water, Water Everywhere

I can't quite believe we have come to the final term in Year Five. This term our topic is about water. We will be looking at how water is used, rivers and creating art inspired by water.




Year Five had a great time this morning (17th May) for Refugee day. We wrote instructions about how to make a refugee feel welcome in our school. Then we worked together to produce a welcome banner that said welcome in lots of different languages as well as pictures that made us feel happy.

Nothe Fort

We had a great day at Nothe Fort. We visited a WW2 shop and learnt about rationing, we experienced a World War Two school, had a go at washing 1940s style and sent time in an air raid shelter. A great day was had by all. Thank you to all the parents and carers for their help with costumes and authentic lunches tied up in brown paper.

Life on the Home Front

Our topic for the first part of the Summer Term will be Life on the Home Front. We will be finding out about the impact of World War Two on England but Dorset especially. We will find out about rationing and The Blitz.



Sport Relief

The whole school had lots of fun with our Sport Relief Tryathathon. Year Five enjoyed trying lots of new sports with their Year One buddies.



National Number Day

Year Five had fun completing number investigations as part of the school's World Number day celebration.

Puppet Shows

Year Five had lots of fun writing and performing puppet shows about Greek Myths using the puppets they made for homework. Well done everyone - we were all very impressed with how hard you worked.



Anti Bullying Week

Year Five have been thinking about how to stop bullying and thought about how they can make a noise against bullying.

Leeson House 5th October

It's a beautiful morning here at Leeson. The children were very tired after an action packed day. They are all behaving brilliantly and embracing all of the new challenges - even bed making!!

Ahoy There!

What a great day we had sailing in Weymouth. After a struggle into our wetsuits we had an exciting time out on the water and even sailed our own boats.

Nothe Fort

We had a really great day at Nothe Fort in Weymouth, dressed up as evacuees, we were taken back to England in war time. We had a go at washing with a dolly and a mangle - mind those fingers! We also made a visit to the village shop for our meagre rations, using the old money was a bit of a challenge. We Spent time in the schoolhouse. The teacher was a bit scary! Elbows off the desk and sit up straight! We finished with a visit to an Anderson shelter. A fun packed and informative day, enjoyed by us all. (Maybe not so much for Jake!) Please have a look through the photos.

Spanish Paella!

Year 5 had a lovely afternoon making Spanish paella in the class room. We learnt about the recipe and ingredients and really enjoyed the tasting at the end. Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Else for coming in to do this activity with us.

Class Debate

As part of our work on The Great Barrier Reef, we had a class debate - Conservationists versus Divers. It was a very lively discussion with the children learning many persuasive techniques - maybe a bit too well!

Visit To The Library

We took a walk down to the library in Stalbridge on Thursday (15th Jan). We had a very informative talk from one of the volunteers, all about the services the library offers. Did you know you can borrow 12 books at a time! They also offer story CDs, films and books for kindles are coming soon. We also had a look at the computer and how we can order books online. The best thing is - it's free to join and borrow the books.

Wonders of the World

Our new topic is called Wonders of the World. We will be particularly studying the Great Barrier Reef in all of our subjects but especially in Geography.



Leeson House

A great time was had by all at Leeson House - take a look at the photos.

Dragons Den 2014

Wow! What a fantastic afternoon we have had holding presentations of our Space Age Communication inventions in the Dragons Den. The children worked so hard and were very professional - budding Alan Sugars maybe??? Thanks to all parents for your help sending in resources, clothes etc.

out of this World Space Projects!

We were completely blown away by Year 5's space projects. They were all so amazing that we had a tea party to celebrate where we cut Caitlin's fantastic space shuttle cake. Check out our pictures of us having some well deserved fun!

Hello, Hello, Hello! What's going on here then?

Officers from Dorset Police visited the class to take reports and witness statements from pupils who had seen the UFOs. Am I getting old or do the Police Officers seem to be getting younger?

Alien Invasion

On Thursday 11th September at 2am, police were called to Stalbridge School to investigate an eerie green glow coming from Year 5 classroom. Upon investigating further, it was found that Jigsaw Jez had been abducted by Aliens!!!!! We wrote a newspapre artical to report the incident using all the evidence - unidentified footprints, green and black dust, messages in an unknown language and worst of all - SLIME! Examine our evidence photographs to discover the truth!

Is there anyone out there?

Wow! Take a look at these spectacular pictures taken by Year 5. We used I-pads to take the photographs and used an editing programme to add special effects.

Orrery fun!

We had a great day today making our very own Orrery's. The children all produced excellent examples and although we had frustration along the way, they should all be proud of their efforts. The chatting (science related!) whilst producing was great and they have all learnt so much about the solar system. Well done everyone and thank you parents and carers for remembering and finding bits and bobs to use, there were some really creative examples.

@ Bristol Trip

We enjoyed our trip to Bristol. In the museum we had a special workshop about materials. Year five particularly liked melting the chocolate!

Mad Hatters Tea-Party

Take a look at how we decorated our classroom for our party. The costumes were amazing - thanks to all parents for such a great job. We baked shortbread, made jam tarts and made sandwiches for our tea. What a fantastic afternoon!

Alice In Wonderland

This term we have been doing lots of work centered around the famous Alice in Wonderland book. Here is the class making their puppets. They then wrote plays and performed them to Reception and their buddies from pre-school.


We have had the best time today (Tuesday 23rd July) learning how to streetdance. Check out our cool moves!


Take a look at our fruit kebabs that we have made using unusual fruits. We tried mango, sharon fruit, pomegranite, grapefruit and prunes - the last one wasn't hugely popular! The children really enjoyed trying out new foods as part of our Healthy Eating Week.

Disco Divas!

We held a sponsored 'Dance Off' to raise money for the school. There were some cool outfits and crazy dancing (that was just the adults!!!) Well done to all of you for such a fantastic effort and for such a good time.

Pizza Heaven!

As part of our Healthy Eating Week, we have created recipes for healthy pizzas. We made sure that we used ingredients from the different food groups so they were balanced. We had lots of different ideas for ingredients, such as goat's cheese, spinach, rocket, chillis and even baked beans!!! The children made and cooked the pizzas on Tuesday and we had them for lunch - YUMMY!

Dragon's Den!

We have just finished our Dragon's Den 2013 Project. Children designed and made their own Eco-Friendly inventions. They then made their models and created a powerpoint and presentation of their business plan for the finale! This was a whole morning when the children dressed up in business clothes and presented their ideas to the 'DRAGONS'. We had a great time and the Dragons decided to award money to everyone as the ideas were so good.

Bread Making!

Mr Clive Mellum (Maizie's grandad) came into to visit us recently. Mr Mellum used to have his own local bakery but is now a consultant, travelling around giving advice to people wishing to make 'real' bread. We looked at ingredients and methods of making bread. We even had some dough to take home and our own individual loaves - YUMMY!

VE Day Party!

On Tuesday 26th March we held our very own VE Day Party. Parents were invited in to see the amazing work that the children had done on their World War II topic. The hall looked fantastic, as did the children in their evacuee costumes. Parents enjoyed a short assembly, including lots of information and facts, air raids and a good old sing song. This was followed by a traditional wartime tea, including spam sandwiches! Many thanks to everyone who came along to help and make this such a great event.

Keen To Be Green!

On Tuesday 23rd April we made the most of the elusive sunshine and took a walk around the town to discover where the recycling centres and bins were located. We had brought different items in and were interested to see what could be recycled and what needed to go in landfill.



Anti-bullying Week 19th November 2012

This week is anti-bullying week. Following our assembly we discussed how to deal with bullying and acted out some bullying scanarios and how they could be resolved. Click on the photograph to see a freeze-frame story.

Meet the Greeks!

This half term we will be learning all about the Ancient Greeks including the Odd Athenians and the Savage Spartans! No doubt the children will enjoy the gruesome stories!



Space Project Thank you!

Thank you so much for all the support you gave the children to complete their homework space projects. We have never had such a fantastically creative array of projects and I was very pleased and impressed with the children's (and parents') efforts. Click on the photograph to see some examples.

Space Night

Many thanks to all parents and siblings who attended Space Night on November 7th. The children were all blown away by the 3D space dome and we all learnt a lot.


Leeson House class assembly

We had a fantastic trip to Leeson house. Please come to our class assembly to learn all about what we got up to on Wednesday 28th November 2012 at 9,10am in the school hall. There will be tea and coffee afterwards.



Year 5 Olympic day 12.7.12

Year 5 hosted their own Olympic day last week and what a fantastic day it was despite the showers! The children made and flew their own kites and also took part in an egg and spoon, 3 legged and wheelbarrow race. We finished off with a paralympic roll-a-ball games. Congratulations to Australia (Katy and Elinor) for winning gold! Click on the photograph to see more.

Arts Day 21st June 2012

On Thursday we made quilling pictures with Mrs Brown and Mrs Matthews.

The Olympics

Our topic for the last half term is the Olympics. We'll be finding out all about why London will be a fantastic host of the Olympic games and we'll even be holding our own mini-Olympics if the rain ever stops!



Jubilee Celebrations

We had a lovely lunch party on the playground to celebrate the Queen's 60th Jubilee. Miss Gould and the Year 5 girls had a mini disco and look at Jake's sandwiches!

Guggleton Farm Art Gallery

We had a busy day on Friday 1st June. As well as Dragons Den and jubilee celebrations, we also visited Guggleton Farm in Stalbridge to look at some fantastic pieces of art. We were given a price list and loved seeing how expensive the paintings were! We also got to meet a real artist! Click on the picture to see more.

The Winners!

A big well done to Isabel, Mille, Isabelle and Anna for their winning inventions. Both Dragons were so impressed with their inventions that they invested! Isabel and Mille designed 'The Landfill Friend'. This robot walks over the landfill site picking up items that could be recycled as the workers at the site aren't allowed to remove them. The girls even emailed a James Rosewell from Trigon landfill site in Wareham and to get his thoughts and he emailed back and loved it! Isabelle and Anna invented 'The Auto-Water'. It waters your plants while you are on holiday using its moisture sensors and water that it has collected over time. Well done girls!



Dragons Den

Over the last few weeks Year 5 have been working very hard to invent an eco-invention as part of our Keen to be Green topic. They designed and created it as well as working out their yearly profits and a business plan ready to face the Dragons! Last Friday was fantastic and a big well done to Isabel and Millie for winning with their 'Landfill Friend' and also to Isabelle and Anna for also winning with their 'Auto-Water'. Thank you also to our Dragons - Mr Allen and Mrs Pain who were surprisingly scary! Click on the picture to see our inventions.

Horrible Illustrating!

We were very lucky to be invited to Sturminster Newton High School to see a performance by Martin Brown, the illustrator of the Horrible History Series of books.He was very funny and demonstrated how he draws. Year 5 were rather star struck when he stayed behind afterwards to sign our books! Click on the picture to see more.

The Big Clean Up!

As our topic at the moment is Keen to be Green, we are taking part in the Big Clean Up! We are taking it in turns to litter pick around the school grounds. Do you like our outfits?!



Stalbridge Recycling Walk

Last week Year 5 went for a walk around Stalbridge armed with a bag of rubbish to visit the recycling hot spots! We started in the library car park then walked to Larks Meadow and finished at Dykes. We managed to recycle most things apart from cardboard. We'll be writing persuasive letters to the council to find out why there is no cardboard recycling so watch this space!



Potter Night 2012

A big thank you to everyone who came along and supported the premiere showing of our Potter films and a big well done to Year 5 for working so hard to produce them! News about DVDs will follow soon.



World Book Day - Thursday 1st March 2012

We joined forces with Year 2 to share our favourite books. We then created a poster to advertise our book for other children to use to help them to choose a book they might enjoy.



Filming Begins!

Filming of the first Harry Potter mini movie has begun! The Hippogriffs have been working hard to produce their movie - Harry Potter and the Revenge of Lady Riddle. Click on the photo to see more exclusive behind the scenes snaps! You'll notice that the background in the photos is green. This is because we used a green screen which will then be replaced by super duper backdrops when we edit our films in ICT.

The is our 'Misty Mountain' scene.
Camera-man Russell gets ready!
Annie shows off the props she made!
'The Snitches' are busy with their script.
Coriander the witch, a.k.a Tala

Lights Camera Action!

Our new topic is called 'Lights Camera Action!' We are learning all about how film making began and comparing it to film today. We are particularly looking at Harry Potter and the Philopsher's Stone and we are in the process of writing, acting and filming our own mini Harry Potter movies! We are also writing biographies about JK Rowling and our favourite celebrities.



VE Party!

Year 5 enjoyed an amazing VE day party in the afternoon of 10th February. We invited parents and grandparents to join us and we were very impressed that lots dressed up in 1940s costumes! We gave an assembly about everything we had learnt and then invited our familties to join us for a tradional WWII tea party and also to look around the hall at all our hard work that we did during the topic. Thank you to everyone who came and to those who helped to make it a day to remember.

World War Two Day 10.2.12

We had a fantastic World War II day in school on Friday 10th February. We all dressed up as evacuees again and during the morning we took part in activities such as 'make do and mending' with Mrs Pain and playing tradional games with Miss Beer. Meanwhile others were making spam sandwiches with Miss Gould's mum and cakes using rationed ingredients with Mrs Miller, ready to serve at our VE day party in the afternoon! Click on the photo to see more.
Plaiting our rug!
Evacuees at work
Making cakes with Mrs Miller
Playing traditional games.
Playing cards. It was hard going as you can see!
Miss Gould's mum made spam, jam and cheese
Carla is making a rug!

Nothe Fort

We went on an absolutely brilliant trip to Nothe Fort! We all dressed up as evacuees for the day and enjoyed activities such as singing during an air raid in an Anderson shelter, visiting a WW2 shop and learning in a WW2 classroom with a very strict head teacher! Carla and Travis even got the cane! Click on the picture to see more.
In the Anderson shelter.
Writing our postcards to home.
Learning how to do the washing with Mrs Mop!
Squashed in a Morrison shelter!
Leah takes a trip to Mr and Mrs Arkwright's shop!

Samba Workshop

Year 5 were lucky enough to have a samba workshop led by Mr Clark from Sturminster Newton High School. It turns out we're pretty good as playing Samba! Click on the photograph to see more. A video will hopefully follow soon.

World at War

This half term we are learning all about World War II. We will learn about how the war started and ended and what life was like for women and children on the home front. Please see our special events section for details about our trip to Nothe Fort.



Meet the Greeks!

Our topic for the next half term is all about the Ancient Greeks. The chldren will be reading myths and creating their own mythical creatures as well as learning about the blood-thirsty battles between the Athenians and the Spartans! Please see our curriculum overview on the introduction page for more detailed information and also the links page for some excellent websites.



Science Show at Sherborne Girls' School

Year 5 and 6 were invited to attend a science show at Sherborne Girls' show. We weren't sure what to expect but nothing prepared us for such an exciting show!! Tim, a lecturer and professor or chemistry, from Bristol university showed us lots of amazing experiments including blowing up a hydrogen balloon, 'frying' an egg in liquid nitrogen and making oxygen! We all want to be scientists now!



Space Night

Thank you to parents, grandparents, fmmily or friends who accompanied the children to Space Night. The children really enjoyed it and learnt a lot about space due to Mr Mizon's excellent talks.



Leeson House

We had a fantastic time at Leeson House! We enjoyed an action packed few days including a trip to Corfe Castle and a long coastal walk. On the last day we saw raft and wasp spiders at Arne. It wasn't Miss Gould's cup of tea but everyone else enjoyed the creepy crawlies!



Greece is the Word!

Throughout the year, each class chooses a country to study. In year 5 we will be learning all about Greece. This will be particularly interesting for the children as London 2012 approaches so they will learn all about the Ancient Greek Olympics as well as lots of facts about modern Greece.



Leeson House

The Year 5 two night residential trip to Leeson House near Swanage will be from Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd October. The information meeting which all parents are welcome to attend is on Monday 10th September at 2.30pm in the Year 5 classroom. There is some information about Leeson House at



Give us Some Space!

Welcome back to a new year in Kingfishers class! Our first topic of the year is called 'Give us some Space!' We will be learning all about the solar system and the job of an astronaut. Stayed tuned to hear about when our very own Space Night will be! Click on our links tabs to find some fab websites.



Environmental Artwork

We spent some time on the field doing some environmental art work. We used as many different natural materials as we could find to create whatever we liked. Click on the picture to see our creations!

Cans for Cash!

We're helping to raise money for Ben Tickner in Reception class to have special physiotherapy by saving as many aluminium cans as we possibly can. As our topic is 'Keen to be Green' and we understand the importance of recycling, we wrote a letter to all parents asking them to help us. Here is our class admin tea putting all the letters in to envelopes! Please help us by bringing in as many cans as you can. We have a bin outside our classroom.



The Inventions!

Well done to the winners of Dragons Den whose businesses the Dragons agreed to invest in! The winners were Sophie and Molly with Louisa Litter Picker, Jordan and Aaron with their S.P.I.P (Solar powered iphone), Jack and Thomas with their Green Mower and Caitlin and Eve with their Snappy Quick Recycling Bin. Click on the picture to see everyone's invention.

Seth and Nick with the E-Bin 42
Yazmin and Freya with the Mender 2000
Charlie and Pammy with their E-Scoot
Thomas and Jack with their winner Green Mowever
Jordan and Aaron with the winner S.P.I.P
Bradley and Ashley with Robocycler
Evie and Harriet with the Eco-Wash
Louis, Lauren and Laiton with the Walking Eco Comp
Halle and Lucy with their Eco-Brella
Joseph and Joshua with the E-Car
Caitlin and Eve with the Snappy Quick Recycling
Isaac and Oliver with the Bowlplex Mania
Molly and Sophie with Louisa Litter Picker


Wow! What a brilliant day we had on Wednesday. The children invented their own eco-product and made it out of junk! That wasn't all though. There was lots of maths to be done as they had to work out their pricing and the profit they would make in a year. From this they had to be brave enough to ask the dragons for some money for a share of their profits! The speeches were fantastic! Click on the photos to see more.



Trip to the Landfill site!

We had a fantastic time at the Household Recycling Centre and the Landfill site in Wareham. We learnt all about the importance of recycling and when we got to the landfill site, we got to see a falcon doing tricks and frightening the seagulls away!

Keen to be Green!

Our topic for the next half term is called 'Keen to be Green'. We will be learning all about how to protect our environment and will be particularly looking at recycling. As an exciting project we will be hosting our very own version of Dragons Den where the children will design and make their own eco inventions and present them to our resident Dragons to see if they will invest!



Trip to Nothe Fort

At the end of the Spring term we had an excellent trip to Nothe Fort in Weymouth for a World War II evacuee experience day. We learnt about rationing, laundry, air raids, schools and lots lots more. Here are some photographs of our day. Click on the picture to the right of this text to see the full gallery.

World at War

Our topic for next half term is called 'World at War'. We will be learning about life at home for people during World War II. We have lots of exciting activities planning including a trip to Nothe Fort in Weymouth. A letter about this trip will follow shortly.



World Maths Day

Tuesday 2nd March was World Maths Day and the children in Year 5 had a fantastic day. In the morning we used problem solving skills to plan a holiday to Greece. After break we chose playground equipment within Mr Allen's budget and after lunch we had a game of bingo in the hall! A big thank you to the parents and grandparents who helped us out during the day.



Year 5 go potty with Harry Potter!

We've planned our movies, we've written our scripts, we've learnt our lines, we've made props and costumes and now work has begun filming our Harry Potter movies! Groups of wizards and witches can be seen casting spells in front of a camera all over the school and we're lucky enough to be using a green screen as well to make the special effects extra special! We'll update you soon with a date for our Potter Night so that you can see the master pieces!



Lights, Camera, Action!

Our first topic of the Spring term is called 'Lights, camera Action!' We will be learning about how films are made and studying play scripts from the first Harry Potter film. We will then be writing, directing, acting and filming our own mini Harry Potter movies! We will be sharing them with parents and friends in our very own Potter Night at the end of term!



Firework Safety

On Friday, Year 5 and Year 2 joined forces to create some November 5th mini-movies! We shared the story of Guy Fawkes and while some groups acted out and filmed the story, others made firework safety films. Click on the link to watch one group and learn how to be safe on bonfire night.


Firework Safety

Still image for this video

Greece is the word!

Throughout the year each class in the school will be learning about a country around the world and the country that we have chosen for Year 5 is Greece. Each week we will be finding out some fab facts about Greece. Our Ancient Greece topic is also coming up shortly so the children will soon know everything there is to know!



Marvellous Maths!

Last week the children showed off their excellent maths skills by solving a tricky maths problem in pairs. Here is Jack and Oliver trying solve the problem!



Give us some Space!

As you may know our first topic of the year is Give Us Some Space. Year Five have been learning all about the Solar System and the first moon landing. Last week we started sewing some fantastic space themed cushions. We are looking forward to seeing them hanging from the ceiling in the classroom.



Donald and Daisy

Last week we welcomed the newests members of Stalbridge Primary School to our school. Lucy, Louis, Ashley and Evie have filmed a special documentary about the ducks which you can find under news update on this website.



Keen to be Green

As our topic at the moment is keen to be green we have been working on ideas to make our school more eco-friendly. So far we have introduced a compost bin to the playground and a recycling bin for milk cartons that we will recycle in the banks next to the library in Stalbridge each week. Here is a picture of year 5 during a walk around Stalbridge to locate recycling banks. We took lots of rubbish to recycle on our way!



Greek food tasting

During the last week of the Spring term, year took part in some Greek food tasting as our topic was 'Meet the Greeks'. This gave many children the chance to try food that they had never tasted before - olive tasting was a real highlight! We took some fantastic photographs of screwed up faces! The children evaluated the different foods and hopefully enjoyed their authentic Greek experience.



Year 5 Easter egg-travaganza!

We celebrated Easter in year 5 by making some delicious Easter nests Miss Gould had the job of 'quality control officer' - it was a difficult job but someone had to do it! They were delicious! We also made some fantastic cards and took part in the school egg rolling competition. Congratulations to Laura whose prize wrinning egg won for year 5.



Space Night

Many thanks to those parents and grandparents who accompanied the Kingfishers to Space night on Friday 23rd October. The children enjoyed entering a giant space dome in the school hall where they learnt all about the constellations and also spending time with Mr McAney in the ICT suite using Stellarium. It was a fantastic way to end our space topic.