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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


Building Work and Change of Staff Development Day

The run-up to Christmas starts here!

Half term holiday has finished and the new term brings building works to the school. We will post regular updates on the progress of our new disabled toilet and care room. Here's a pic of the hole in the wall!

As with all the others, this term is very busy with lots of learning to fit in. Here we go...

Building works update:
The building contractors Rok have entered administration and therefore work has stopped on site. We hope a resolution will come soon and so the hole can be filled!!

Hammonds will start on the project on 29/11/10.

We have changed one of our Staff Development Days. We had planned to have Tuesday 26th April 2011 as a SDD but with the Royal Wedding giving us another bank holiday on the 29th we think that having the children in for just 2 days that week wouldn't be enough to get some good learning done. Therefore we have postponed the SDD on the 26th April and this will now be a normal school day for everyone. We have rearranged our SDD for the 28th February 2011. Children will not be in school that day.