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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


Special Activities

Polar workshop with Dr. Jackson
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On Tuesday 9th January we were lucky enough to have Dr. Jackson spend an hour with the class showing us how to work scientifically.  We learned about why polar bears have white fur and Max had the honour of dressing up as Owls Class' very own bear!


 We had three separate experiments to conduct. Our first was to put our hands into freezing cold water (complete with homemade glaciers!). One hand was completely uncovered but our other hand went inside a special "blubber glove". Can your child explain to you what this was?


Our second experiment was to make our own paper feathers to test absorbency of water. One feather was coated with wax from a candle having been rubbed over it. We learned something interesting about what happens to the water when it is dropped on both leaves.


Our final task was a challenge! Using only marshmallows, cocktail sticks and icing sugar, the children had to make their own igloos. It was a bit of a messy job but great fun!


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PC Lovejoy visited the school today to talk to the children about road safety. We learned how to walk safely on the road holding an adult's hand (and adults should always walk on the outside of the road); use pedestrian crossings and what to wear to be seen at night. We also talked about how important it is to always wear seatbelts in cars and to use a bike helmet whenever we are cycling.


There are four words that we need to say before we cross the road:


STOP - as soon as you get to the crossing.

LOOK - both ways to check for traffic.

LISTEN - for cars that are approaching (and remember that bicycles and electric cars are VERY quiet!)

THINK - even if the green man is lit up you MUST think before you start to cross the road.


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