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World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3

A visit from Dr Jackson, the Polar Explorer!

Walk Like an Egyptian - What did the Ancient Egyptians believe in?

Our topic is 'Walk like an Egyptian'. We will be learning about what these people believed in as part of their day-to-day lives, the gods the death rites and their myths.  Ancient Egyptians to every aspect of our learning.



Our Classroom

Here are a few pictures of our Year 4 Classroom displays. More to come soon.



How do you fit in?

We have been thinking about how we work as part of a team. We have created a class charter and thought about how the things that make us special come together to make us stronger as a whole. 



Take me to your Readers!

This is our reading competition based around space and aliens! Children move on every time they read at home and complete a sheet in their reading journal.


Photos from our trip to The Ancient Technology Centre

Where will you get in our Reading Space Race

Where will you get in our Reading Space Race 1
Where will you get in our Reading Space Race 2