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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School



Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Meet The Governing Body

Chairperson- vacancy
Vicky Moore - Foundation. (Acting Chair)
Reverend William Ridding - Ex-Officio.
Debbie Chant - Co-Opted Governor.
Helen Hatcher - Local Authority Governor.
Victoria Dike - Foundation Governor.
Mrs Trudie Peake - Parent Governor.

Mr Graham Hart - Parent Governor
Jon Turner - Parent Governor.

Mrs Amanda Goddard - Clerk to the Governing Body


All governors are volunteers and, once elected, serve for 4 years.


The Governing Body of Stalbridge Primary School

The Governing Body meets formally at least once a term, and minutes of these meetings are available to parents.

The governors serve on three committees as follows;

* Standards and Inclusion

* Finance, Premises, Safety and Staffing

* Curriculum, Distinctiveness and Enrichment

Committees meet once a term and feed into the Full Governing Body, which also meets termly.


In simple terms, the Governors have a general responsibility for the management of the school. The Leadership Team make the day to day decisions about the running of the school. Governors are responsible for setting the budget, overseeing the curriculum, the appointment and dismissal of staff and deciding the policy on admissions.
All schools are required to produce a plan each year. The Leadership Team, staff and governors discuss areas for development and targets and priorities are agreed. The plan is monitored throughout the year and contributions are given by our School Evaluation Partner (SEP), who is provided by the Local Authority. A summary of this years SDP is posted in the policies section of the website.


The Governors operate an open door policy and are more than happy to discuss any matters regarding school life . Parents are welcome to contact a governor direct or e-mail to the following address: Parent Governors are often to be found at the school at the start and end of the school day.

Meet the Governors


Vicky Moore - Acting Chair

(Foundation Governor)
I was appointed as a Foundation Governor in the Autumn term of 2013. I was keen to help support the school in its drive to continue to improve upon its already good status. I have two children at the school - a daughter in Year 1 and a son in year 3 - both of them love going to the school and are very enthusiastic about all the exciting things they learn there.

I grew up in the New Forest and studied Biochemistry at the University of Nottingham before completing a PGCE (teaching certificate) also at the University of Nottingham. I taught Science in an inner-city Secondary School in Southampton for 3 years before moving to Stalbridge when I married Colin in 1999. I then began a career at The Blandford School where I now work four days a week as an Assistant Headteacher and Science teacher. One of my main areas of responsibility is liasion with the 8 Primary Schools in and around Blandford.

I also help run the Beaver Scout group in Stalbridge which I really enjoy. In my spare time I love constructing lego models, playing football in the garden, baking and acting in my daughter's role plays!



William Ridding

(Foundation Governor)
I, as Rector of Stalbridge, have been a school governor since 2001. I have encouraged a positive relationship between the school and the parish church, offering to pupils a gentle introduction into the Christian faith and their own spirituality.
I have supported the school in joining in the field trips and other away outings, and jointly run an after school model railway club for Year 6 pupils.
The peace of the Lord be with you.




Mrs Trudie Peake

(Parent Governor)


Mr Graham Hart

(Parent Governor)


Debbie Chant

(Co-Opted Governor)
I attended Stalbridge Primary myself, joining the PTA when both my sons attended the school, I am serving my third term as a community governor, I am employed as the manager at Stalbridge Pre-School and joined the governing body to strengthen the links between school and pre-school. I am currently the safeguarding, foundation Stage governor. I am also part of the Pastoral and Welfare sub-committee.

Helen Hatcher

(Local Authority Governor)
I have lived in Stalbridge for 23 years with my husband, we have two grown up children both whom attended Stalbridge primary school. I have worked within the education sector for 20 years and have a good knowledge of business management both in the primary and secondary sectors.
When I am not working for our own company Stalbridge Building Supplies I am a volunteer at Stalbridge library, it is a pleasure to be able to work and support the local community. As a governor and I am looking to supporting and moving the school forward.


Victoria Dike

(Parent Governor)
My name is Vicky Dike, I am a parent governor with three children attending Stalbridge Primary School, one in year Six, one in Year Three and one in Year Two.
In 1999 I graduated from Roehampton Institute, London as a qualified teacher and on returning to Dorset I taught at Sherborne Primary and then at Blandford St Mary Primary. I have also worked in various local primaries on a supply basis and with small SEN focus groups. I enjoy being involved in education and am presently chairperson of Stalbridge Pre-School and help run the toddler group in the village. I am looking forward to supporting all the great work that goes on at Stalbridge Primary School.
In my spare time I enjoy swimming and cycling and enter the occasional triathlon.




The school has close links with Stalbridge Playgroup and strongly urges parents of pre-school children to make the most of the opportunities offered there. As children are about to start school they are invited to visit during the term before admission and the Head teacher is pleased to meet parents to discuss their children's future education.

The Governing Body seeks to admit children of primary school age living in the area normally served by the school, i.e. Stalbridge and Stalbridge Weston.

Governing Body Responsiblities

The Governing Body of a Foundation school is responsible for all aspects of school life, including:


* An oversight of the conduct and curriculum of the school with specific policies in sex education and religious worship.
* The management of the school budget and other grants received from central government.
* Monitoring the extent to which the school achieves its aims and objectives.
* The appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff. The maintenance and development of the school buildings and facilities.
* The fostering of good relationships and effective communication with the parents and the wider community.
* Deciding the policy on admissions.

Sports Funding 2013/14

This is how we have allocated our Sports Funding in 2013/14. This document will be updated regularly with additions and evaluations.

Pupil Premium Funding

This is how we have allocated our Pupil Premium Funding in 2014/15.

End of Term Governors Letter 2015

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