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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


September 2016

Friday 9th September 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to the autumn term! We send a special welcome to all our new parents this year. I hope you have all had a good summer. We are looking forward to a fun packed term together. This newsletter should give you all the information you need for this half term. As it is the start of the year, it contains a lot of information. If you can't find what you need, please ask. You can pop into the office, where we will be happy to help. We also have information on our website on the main site and on class pages. I am often available at the start and end of a school day so please do come and see me, or call/ email if you ever have a query, question or concern.

Meet your child's teacher
You are invited to come and meet your child's teacher and see the learning environment. I hope that you have received your dates and times. It's a good opportunity to ask any questions about routines and things like that. All meetings start at 2.30pm. Please sign in at the office first.
The meetings are as follows;
Tuesday 13th September - Year 5
Wednesday 14th September - Year R
Thursday 15th September - Year 3 & Year 2
Friday 16th September - Year 4
Monday 19th September - Year 6
Wednesday 21st September - Year 1

Home school agreement and important information
We believe that working in partnership with parents and carers is really important. A home school agreement sets out that partnership and commitment too. Please read and sign with your child and return to school. You will also need to sign an E-safety user agreement and a form which gives us permission, if you so choose, to publish pictures of your child on our website, newspaper articles and letters. Please return these forms to your child's class teacher.

Medicines and inhalers in school
Does your child have an inhaler in school? If so, we do need to ask you to check that it is named and in date. There is also a very important consent form which we need you to complete. We have attached this, though paper copies are available from the office. Class teachers will be updating their new files and checking with you that your form is complete. Any additional medicines/ medical kit needs to be kept up to date. We will be contacting you to check it through with us. If your child has prescribed medicines and you need the school to administer it, you can fill in forms at the office. Please remember that children must not carry medicines with them (apart from inhalers).

We have been lucky with the weather so far and aim to get more classes in the pool next week. Thanks for being flexible about bringing in swimming kit. If you can offer help with younger classes, we would be grateful, please let the office know.
Travelling to school
It's great to see so many children riding bikes and scooters to school. We encourage all children to do so. There's plenty of room on our bike racks and in our scooter cupboard. The school has a scooting/cycling agreement that we'd like you to agree to and keep a copy of. This encourages personal safety and consideration for pedestrians.

New members of the staff team
We are very happy to welcome Mr Barnett and Mrs Quinn to the teaching team as well as Mrs Day and Mrs Wilson to our teaching assistant team.

Learning behaviours - The resilient penguin and curious cat

  • Each term, we focus on the skills needed to be a good learner. Each skill has an animal linked to it, which helps the children to remember it. Once we know what good learners do, we can practice all the skills.


This term, we are exploring the resilient penguin, encouraging children to keep going and not to give up. We are also exploring the curious cat, encouraging children's curiosity about their topics, their subjects and the world around them.

The Life Education Van
We are very pleased to let you know that the Life Education van will be visiting soon. This is a great resource that teaches children to have a healthy mind and body. I would like to give my thanks to Stalbridge Linen and the Blackmore Vale Lions for their generous donations towards most of the cost. We want to thank our school PTA for their donations too. These donations have made it possible for us to offer this learning opportunity for our children.
More details about the Life Education Van can be found at

School council and Eco Council
We love to hear the children's views and involve them in the decision making process in school. We are in the process of electing our new councils. Teachers will let their children know when the elections will take place and how to apply for a place on the team.

School motto
As we started the school year, staff and children have been thinking about a motto that would suit our school and represent our ethos. We would like to know your views on the three that we liked best. Please can you let us know which one you think best represents our school ethos? The most popular choice from staff, children, parents and governors will be the winner.
A) Giving children wings to fly
B) Believe, Discover, Aspire
C) Discovery your wings and fly
You can drop a note in, speak to the office or send a text or email. Many thanks!

Collective worship & Harvest festival - Thursday 29th September 9.05am
We are thinking about Thankfulness this term, with a particular emphasis on food and harvest. We will give thanks for our local and global farmers and pray for those who are not as fortunate as us. We like to take offerings to the church for a local charity. Please could the children bring packets and tins of food. These can be brought into classes from Monday 22nd September. The children have grown some pumpkins and corn on our vegetable patch. We are hoping to bring these, too.

Playground equipment and safety
We are sorry that the playground equipment is not fully functional. Amendments are being made very soon. Most of our smaller equipment is available for playtimes and lunchtimes. Please note that the equipment carries safety notices and age restrictions. It is not at all suitable for pre-school children. If you do allow your child to use the equipment before or after school, you must supervise them to avoid risk and injury. Please help us to keep the children and school safe by following the equipment rules.
Jungle Book Pantomime
The children had a fantastic afternoon on Wednesday this week. The Jungle Book pantomime was thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you for your donations. If you have yet to make your payment, please speak to the office team.

Parent helpers
You are very welcome to come into school and help out with the children's learning. We are also very busy with clubs. If you would like to help with any clubs or school activities, please let us know. We have a parent helper form that you will need to complete. Thank you very much to all of the parents/ adults who have been able to spend time with us so far.

Parent and pupil questionnaire
Last term, we asked you and the children to complete a questionnaire about the school. Thank you very much for your reply. Your views are very important to the governors and me. We are pleased with a positive result and will publish the results shortly. Your comments and suggestions help us to move the school forward.

Collecting your child from school.
You must let us know if someone different is collecting your child. Ring/ email the office in advance. We will then pass this information to the class teacher. If you don't tell us, we will have to ring you for confirmation. This includes those who need to walk home by themselves (Year 5 and 6). Please help us by keeping us well informed.

Attendance in school
We encourage all children to arrive on time and keep regular attendance. Awards are given to classes each week and to children each term. Children with medical needs can be supported in lots of ways. If your child has sickness or diarrhoea, they must be absent for 48 hours to limit the spread of infection. We are unable to authorise any holiday absence from school unless there are exceptional circumstances. Please let the school know if your child is absent from school. We will ring you if we haven't heard from you.

Our children are known for being smart. Thank you for keeping to our uniform rules for school clothes and PE kit. Please remember that children with long hair should wear it tied back. Children can wear a watch and stud earrings to school but no other jewellery is allowed in school.

Achievers of the week!
Well done and congratulations to the following children for their awards this week;

'Spotted' for showing Christian Values - Year 6 for working with your buddies in Year R!
Achievers of the week
Year R - whole class
Year 1 - Harry & Amelia
Year 2 - Dominic & Alfie
Year 3 - Theo & Erin
Year 4 - Darcie & Harry L
Year 5 - Alfie L & Charlie
Year 6 - Edward & Ellis
Attendance award - Years 2, 3 & 4
Cleanest classroom - Year 6
Special mentions to - All our new staff for a great first week

Here are some dates for your diary;

13/9 Year 5 Meet the Teacher - 2:30pm
14/9 Year R Meet the Teacher - 2:30pm
Leeson House Meeting (Year 5) - 3:15pm
15/9 Church Service 9:10am - all welcome
Year 2 Meet the Teacher - 2:30pm
Year 3 Meet the Teacher - 2:30pm
16/9 Year 4 Meet the Teacher - 2:30pm
19/9 Year 6 Meet the Teacher - 2:30pm
21/9 Year 1 Meet the Teacher - 2:30pm
26/9 Year R Phonics Workshop - 3:20pm
28/9 Year 1 Trip to Gore Farm (details to follow)
29/9 Harvest Church Service 9:10am - all welcome

4/10 -
10/10 Book Fair
5/10 -
7/10 Leeson House Residential (Year 5)
10/10 Parents Evening (details to follow)
11/10 Parents Evening (details to follow)
13/10 Church Service 9:10am - all welcome

24/10 - 28/10 - HALF TERM HOLIDAY

Kind regards
Sarah Lafferty-Jenkins