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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


September 2015

11th September 2015 
Dear Parents/Carers


We welcome everyone back and give a welcome to our new reception class children. The children have settled in well to their new classes and are enjoying being back together. This is our first newsletter of the year, which should give you plenty of information. Other letters will come your way as and when we need to share things with you. We always send out by email. Please let us know if addresses, email addresses, telephone contact numbers have changed so we can update our systems. 

Our Website - all information regarding the school is available to view.All newsletters will appear (newsletter section) and all other letters (letters section) will also be posted here too. Governors communication will be posted in the governors section and details of clubs in the club section. The parent section includes information on absence from school. Every class has their own section on the website to post news of activities forthcoming and undertaken.

Life Education Van
Tuesday 22nd September and Wednesday 23rd September 
We will be visited by the Life Education team in a few weeks. This is a really exciting resource which helps the children to learn how to keep themselves healthy and safe. We know that it helps the children with their personal and social education and wellbeing. 
We ask that parents help us with the funding of this. Please would parents bring in £1.00 per child. Alternatively you can use parent pay to do this.
More information about the resource can be found at

Snacks, Lunches and Drinks
We are a healthy school and encourage healthy eating. Years R, 1 and 2 will have fruit provided at break times. For parents in KS2 please send your child with a healthy snack for playtime, we actively discourage chocolate, crisps and sweets.

Packed lunches should be healthy too. We do not allow chocolate bars, sugary snacks or excessive sugary foods. There is always squash and water available at lunch times if children haven't got a drink. We encourage children to drink water during lesson times - please provide a water bottle that can be kept in class.

Meet the teacher
We hope that you will enjoy visiting the classes this term to meet the teacher. Please check the dates at the end of this letter.

Leeson House Information Session - 22nd September
There will be an information meeting for all Year 5 parents about Leeson House.Come to the Year 5 classroom and we will provide you with some basic information and an opportunity to ask any questions.

Feedback from questionnaires.
Thank you very much for the questionnaires which you kindly filled in at the end of the summer term. The results are positive and we appreciate your feedback, including areas which you would like us to work on. The governors will be sending out their newsletter with more details shortly. The children also completed one and had lots of positives to share about their experience of school. They would like us to work on making lunchtimes as busy and happy as they can be. We are working closely with our new school council to make sure this happens. 

We are very pleased with our new playground. We will be having it painted very soon, though I am sure you are enjoying the work that the children have done to decorate it. 

Breakfast club and After school club
Our breakfast runs from 8.00 am every day and is led by Mrs Lane. It is very popular and is a booking only club. We have to make sure that there are enough adults to support the children. This is dependent upon how old each child is. If you would like to book a slot, let the office know. Breakfast club from 8am costs £3, childcare from 8.25am costs £1. Regular users can benefit from a reduced rate for booking the whole 1st half of the autumn term; please contact the school office for details. Unfortunately we will not be able to give refunds if for some reason your child misses a morning. After school club is also led by Mrs Lane. At times, it is a good opportunity to complete homework in school or relax with an activity. Please make sure this is booked in too.
Charges are as follows:

Monday - Thursday 3.15pm-4.15pm - £3.50
3.15pm-5.15pm - £6.00
4pm - 5.15pm - £3.50
Friday 3.15pm-4.30pm - £4.00

Parent Help
We are always grateful of parent/carer help around the school. Whether it be helping in class for particular activities, hearing readers, helping in the library, helping with swimming and helping with improving the school environment indoors with displays or outdoors with gardening. If you think you can offer some help please do. If you're good with computers and all things IT then perhaps you could help with the endless maintenance of the school's network and hardware.

The new club list has been emailed and posted on the website. To request a place on a club for your child/ren either print the sheet and return the reply slip to the office or fill in the reply section electronically and email it back to us at Please put clubs in the subject line and it will be sorted into the correct folder automatically.

Home school agreements and ICT codes of conduct
You will shortly be receiving our home/school agreements. This is a really important form which sets out what school and families commit do to support the children's learning. When you receive these, please read them through with your child and return it school, signed and dated.

Absence and attendance
We would appreciate it if you could let us know if your child is going to be absent from school. Let us know in advance of appointments. If your child is ill please text, email or ring the school, or tell a member of staff before 9am on the first day of illness so that we don't unduly worry where your child is. If we haven't heard from you by 9.15 am, we will ring you. We have a ring back system which helps to keep all the children safe. 

Children are required to be in school every day and attendance is very carefully monitored. The school cannot grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are 'exceptional circumstances'.
If you are having difficulties with keeping good attendance, the first thing to do is speak to your child's teacher and explain the problem. Good attendance is celebrated weekly in school and termly with certificates. Children with very specific medical needs have a support plan to maintain their attendance. Remember that if your child needs prescribed medicine, you will need to come and complete a form in our office, in line with our policy. This is for medicines prescribed by a doctor.

Late arrivals
If your child arrives at school after our official start time of 8.55am please could they come to the front desk so that they get marked in the register.

School Uniform
It is important that all the children are smart and dressed appropriately for school. Please help us to keep the school looking as smart as possible by following the few rules which we have. We don't allow any jewellery except a watch and stud earrings. Children's hair should be suitable for school also. Unusual shaved patterns or dyed hair is not appropriate for school. Please ensure that children with long hair have it tied back. No nail varnish, temporary tattoos or make up either please.

Please make sure your child has correct school uniform and correct PE kit. The official school uniform for girls is: dark grey or black skirt, dark grey or black classic trousers. For boys: dark grey or black trousers. All children should wear:white blouse/shirt or polo shirt, school sweatshirt or cardigan, white, grey or black socks or tights, black shoes in Winter.
Please label your child's clothing! - We run an efficient lost clothing operation and return clothing that is named, swiftly to the owners - please help us. PE kit should consist of a white T-shirt, dark shorts, plimsolls or training shoes in a named bag.Football boots and shin pads are needed for clubs. Tracksuits are strongly recommended for all children, especially during the winter months. The black hoodies with the Stalbridge Primary School logo can be ordered from the school office. 
If you are having difficulty with uniform, please come and talk to us about it. We might be able to help.

Outdoor Play Equipment
We have safety measures for the play equipment. Each piece of equipment has a sign on it saying which year groups can use it and which cannot. We would appreciate it, when you are supervising your children on the equipment before and after school that you ensure your children keep to these safety measures.Also when the play equipment is wet we do not allow children on it. Please think about this safety measure before letting your children play on the equipment.Thank you.

Hot School Meals
Local Food Links provide our hot school meals. Hot school meals can be ordered online at The quality of the meals is very good - why not give them a go? If you have misplaced your activation code to start using My School Meals please call in to the school office.

Items to Collect
This year we will be continuing to collect tokens from Sainsburys and Flora, please send these in to school with your child. Please also remember that you can help raise funds for our school by sending Mcvities biscuit wrappers and Tassimo pods and wrappers. We will also be continuing to support Ben Tickner's appeal, please bring in clean aluminium foil/trays, these can be dropped off in the blue bins at school. 

Cycling/ Scootering to school
We have lots of space for children of any year group to cycle or scooter to school.If your child would like to cycle to school they will need to complete a 'Cycle to School Agreement' available from the office. If one was completed last year then a new one is not necessary.

New Receptionist in School
We are pleased to inform you that we will have a new member of staff at the front desk, Mrs Lucy Luxton will begin with us on Monday.


14th Year 6 Meet the Teacher, 2.45pm
15th Year 4 Meet the Teacher, 2.45pm
16th Year 1 Meet the Teacher, 2.45pm
Year 5 Meet the Teacher, 2.45pm
17th Year 2 Meet the Teacher 2.45pm
18th Jeans for Genes Day
22nd Leeson House meeting for Year 5 parents
23rd Year 3 Meet the teacher, 2.45pm
24th Church, 9.10am all welcome

8th Church, 9.10am, all welcome
14th-16th Leeson House for Year 5
17th Family photographs, details to follow
21st School photographs
22nd Harvest service at church, 9.10am, all welcome
23rd School finishes for half term, 3.15pm

2nd Inset Day
3rd School returns

If you ever need to speak to a member of staff or see the headteacher, don't hesitate to pop in and make an appointment.

Yours sincerely

Sarah Lafferty-Jenkins