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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


September 2010

Dear Parents/Carers


I hope everyone has had a great summer break.

As usual it has been a busy summer for the school. We've had building works going on throughout the holiday. A new set of steps has been built to the hall in preparation for a planned extension to provide disabled toileting facilities. In the meantime we have a temporary disabled toilet outside the conservatory. We've had a stairlift fitted on the steps from our wet area. Bouncy surfaces have been laid between the Year 3 and 4 classrooms and on the reception class outside area. Year 2 classroom has had new doors, ceiling, lights and furniture. Years 3 and 4 also have new furniture - though not everything has arrived yet! I've got a new pencil sharpener.

We're expecting building work to continue for most of this term. The work will be carried out safely and sympathetically for the school and children.

In addition to improvements to the school the governors have agreed that the Stalbridge Pre-School can be sited on the school grounds. The planned building and enclosed outside areas will be situated on our school field below the Mosaic garden. Dates for construction have not yet been set.

Now for those important dates and bits of information.


13th Clubs begin
16th Church, 9.10am all welcome
27th 9am school nurse drop in session, details on noticeboard
30th Church, 9.10am all welcome
5-11th Book fair
11th-15th Leeson House week for Year 5
19/21st Parent/Teacher consultation evenings
21st School photographs
21st Harvest service at church, 9.10am, all welcome
23rd Family photographs
25th-29th Half term

1st School returns

Mrs Gill and Mrs Underdown
We welcome Mrs Gill and Mrs Underdown to the school. Mrs Gill and Mrs Underdown will be working in the Reception class supporting Miss Milree.

Breakfast Club
Our Breakfast Club runs every morning from 8am. If you need childcare before school it's a great and cheap option. Places must be booked and paid for in advance, please contact the office. Breakfast club from 8am costs £3, childcare from 8.25am costs £1. Regular users can benefit from a reduced rate for booking the whole of the autumn term 1st half, for the seven week half term the price will be £77 (8am-8.50am) and £25 for childcare (8.25-8.50am), if you would like to take up this offer you must pay in advance at the school office. Unfortunately we will not be able to give refunds if for some reason your child misses a morning.

Fundraising for School Trips
We love children to go on school trips because we know how beneficial to learning and understanding they are. In the past few years we have had a fundraising week to collect funds to subsidise school trips. The school has always used money from its own funds to add to this to make trips affordable for all. We have decided not to have a fundraising week this year. Instead each class will run a fundraising event at some time during the year. Organising and running the events will be a learning experience for the class as they plan to maximise their fundraising. The success or otherwise of these events will not determine how much a trip is subsidised by - the school will always help to make trips affordable and fair for all.

School Nurse Drop-in Sessions
On Monday 27th September 9-10am the school nurse and parent support advisor will be in school. Please feel free to call in for a coffee to meet them. Please see the poster on the noticeboard.

We would much appreciate it if you could let us know if your child is going to be absent from school. Let us know in advance of appointments etc and if your child is ill please ring the school, send a note, or tell a member of staff before 10.30am on the first day of illness so that we don't unduly worry where your child is. If we haven't heard from you by 10.30am we will ring you.

Late arrivals
If your child arrives at school after our official start time of 8.50am please could they come to the front desk so that they get marked in the register.

School Uniform
Please make sure your child has correct school uniform and correct PE kit. PE kit should consist of a white T-shirt, dark shorts, plimsolls or training shoes in a named bag. Children wishing to play football require appropriate kit from Year 3. Tracksuits are strongly recommended for all children, especially during the winter months. The official school uniform for girls is: dark grey or black skirt, dark grey or black classic trousers, for Summer pink gingham dress or winter uniform. For boys: dark grey or black trousers, in Summer dark grey shorts. All children should wear: white blouse/shirt or polo shirt, school sweatshirt or cardigan, white, grey or black socks or tights, black shoes in Winter and sandals in the Summer. Please label your child's clothing! - We run an efficient lost clothing operation and return clothing that is named, swiftly to the owners - please help us.

Please ensure that children with long hair have it tied back.

Snacks, Lunches and Drinks
We are a healthy school and encourage healthy eating. Years R, 1 and 2 will have fruit provided at break times. For parents in KS2 please send your child with a healthy snack for playtime, we actively discourage chocolate, crisps and sweets.

Packed lunches should be healthy too. There is always squash and water available at lunch times if children haven't a drink. We encourage children to drink water during lessons times - please provide a water bottle that can be kept in class.

Cycling/Scootering to school
We now have lots of space for children of any year group to cycle or scooter to school. If your child would like to cycle to school they will need to complete a 'Cycle to School Agreement' available from the office. If one was completed last year then a new one is not necessary.

Holidays from School
Just to remind you that our school agreement states that no requests for holidays will be granted in April and May. This is because it is an important time for all children with assessments taking place across the school.

Monday is LETTER DAY. All letters will be sent out on a Monday afternoon and will be colour coded as follows:

School letters - Yellow paper
PTFA letters - Pink paper
Governors letters - Green paper

All newsletters will be displayed on the school notice boards and will also be available online on our website,

If you're unsure of any information please ring the office or pop in. Teachers are available to speak to every afternoon after school for a quick chat if you feel the need. Please be aware that occasionally they may need to attend meetings and won't be available. Wednesday is Staff Meeting day and all teachers will be unavailable from 3.30pm. If you have need of a longer conversation please arrange a convenient time with the class teacher.

We have a texting system to remind you of important information and to let you know if there are last minute cancellations of clubs etc. If you have not already given us a mobile contact we can text you on please do.

We are always trying to improve communication between home and school. Please let us know if you have concerns and ideas for improvement.

Please let us know if addresses or telephone contact numbers have changed.

I look forward to a successful term.

Yours sincerely

Michael Allen