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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


September 2008

Dear Parents/Guardians


Hello and welcome back! I hope you have all had a good holiday. I'm looking forward to the new term and my second year at Stalbridge. I looked back at my first newsletter from last year to help me write this one. Almost everything I wrote about then I can write about again!

So here we go then with the important dates and information you need.


11th Leeson House meeting 7pm, for Year 5 parents and children.
15th Clubs begin
16th SNHS visiting Yr6 pupils and parents, 2pm
29th-3rd Fund Raising Week

6th-10th Leeson House week
6th-8th Life Ed van
9th Harvest Festival
21st/23rd Parent/Teacher consultation evenings
24th School photographs
27th-31st Half term

3rd School returns

Deputy Head and Key Stage Leaders

We welcome Andy McAney to the school as Year 5 teacher and Deputy Head. Mr McAney will look after issues in Key Stage 2. Miss Milree is our Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage Leader. If you would like to chat about your child's progress or an issue has arisen that you would like to talk about please seek out your child's teacher in the first instance. If they are unavailable then Mr McAney and Miss Milree will happily hope to help. Class teachers, Mr McAney and Miss Milree will pass onto me any issues they cannot resolve.


We would much appreciate it if you could let us know if your child is going to be absent from school. Let us know in advance of appointments etc and if your child is ill please ring the school, send a note, or tell a member of staff before 10.30am on the first day of illness so that we don't unduly worry where your child is. If we haven't heard from you by 10.30am we will ring you.

Late arrivals

If your child arrives at school after our official start time of 8.50am please could they come to the front desk so that they get marked in the register.

School uniform

Label your child's clothing! - We run an efficient lost clothing operation and return clothing that is named, swiftly to the owners - please help us.

Wake 'n' Shake

We start Wake 'n' Shake at 8.50am. We've organised it so that each class (not Yr R yet) takes it in turns to lead the exercise. Please don't let your children hide behind you! Send them up to their class teacher to join in.

Snacks, Lunches and Drinks

We are a healthy school and encourage healthy eating. Years R, 1 and 2 will have fruit provided at break times. For parents in KS2 please send your child with a healthy snack for playtime, we actively discourage chocolate, crisps and sweets.

Packed lunches should be healthy too. There is always squash and water available at lunch times if children haven't a drink. We encourage children to drink water during lessons times - please provide a water bottle that can be kept in class.

Cycling/Scootering to school

We now have lots of space for children of any year group to cycle or scooter to school. If your child would like to cycle to school they will need to complete a 'Cycle to School Agreement' available from the office. If one was completed last term then a new one is not necessary.

Walking Bus

We'd like to get our Walking Bus moving this term. Many of you helped when we ran our trials. If you are able to help on a regular basis could you please come along to a meeting on Monday 15th September 9am to organise and draw up a rota.


Monday is LETTER DAY. Allletters will be sent out on a Monday afternoon and will be colour coded as follows:

School letters - Yellow paper
PTFA letters - Pink paper
Governors letters - Green paper

All newsletters will be displayed on the school notice boards and will also be available online on our website,

The Headteachers Blog will also be online and added to each Friday. If you're unsure of any information please ring the office or pop in. Teachers are available to speak to every afternoon after school for a quick chat if you feel the need. Please be aware that occasionally they may need to attend meetings and won't be available. Tuesday is Staff Meeting day and all teachers will be unavailable from 3.30pm. If you have need of a longer conversation please arrange a convenient time with the class teacher.

We are always trying to improve communication between home and school. Please let us know if you have concerns and ideas for improvement.

Please let us know if addresses or telephone contact numbers have changed.

Fundraising Week

Last year the school community successfully raised money towards the funding of school activities in and out of school during the school year. We would like to repeat this again this year. Fundraising week will be Monday 29th September to Friday 3rd October. We will inform you nearer the time of the activities and events planned.

Things to Collect

We have had a fantastic number of tokens collected from parents/family/friends. At the end of term we had collected enough Sainsbury's tokens to get some equipment for reception class, balls, food sets and some walking bus kits. From Tesco's we ordered a pulse monitor, web cam and computer equipment. At the moment we are collecting Flora tokens for cooking equipment and Nestle tokens for books. Thank you for your continued support.


For Years 2 to 6 we've attached a list of clubs that will run in the Autumn Term. These will begin Monday 15th September.

Mrs Friar

We were very sad to hear of the death of Mrs Kate Friar last week. Mrs Friar, who retired in December 2006, taught Year 4 for many years.

I look forward to a successful term.

Yours sincerely

Michael Allen