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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


May 2009

Dear Parents/Guardians


Hello everyone. It's been a treat to have a summery start to the summer term. I hope it continues. Here's the dates and information you may need.


Now that summer is nearly here we are starting to see children wearing the summer uniform. May we remind parents that children should wear black shoes or sandals (in summer), trainers or mules/flip flops are not suitable.

When the warm sun does arrive children should bring labelled hats to school to protect them from the sun. Suncream should be applied before school. Staff cannot apply suncream to your child.

Healthy Snacks

Just another reminder to encourage children to have healthy snacks at breaktime. Fruit or cereal bars etc are much better than crisps or chocolate.


We're hoping for a warm summer. Children will get thirsty during lessons and playtimes and it's important that they keep their water intake up. Please encourage your child to drink regularly. Water is available in classrooms and children need to remember to fill up their water bottles.

Cycling and Scootering

As the weather gets better I'm expecting more children to cycle or scoot to school, this is open to all years. If children would like to cycle/scooter to school then they must abide by the following rules:

1. I have my parent/carers permission to cycle/scooter to school.
2. I must check my bicycle/scooter to ensure it is safe to use.
3. I must wear a protective helmet while cycling.
4. I must not cycle/scoot on school grounds.
5. I must have my own cycle lock to lock my bike and helmet up with.
6. I must not go to my bicycle/scooter during break or lunchtimes.
7. I must take responsibility for my own bicycle/scooter while it is stored at school.

It is very important that children do not cycle/scoot on the school grounds. The potential for accidents is great. If you have pre-school children who have bicycles/scooters please ensure they also do not cycle/scoot around too.

We will be running cycle training again this year - details will be confirmed soon.

Pond and Wildlife Area

Everything is progressing well down at the bottom of the field. The pond has been cleared, and the vegetation cleared ready for the creation of paths and seating areas. A bird hide has now been erected. The PTA have arranged for a work day on Sunday 3rd May from 10am onwards. All help will be greatly appreciated. Bacon rolls and tea will be available too!

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SAT's

Our Year 6 and Year 2 children have formal assessment tests this term. The Year 6 tests will take place the week beginning 11th May and the Year 2 tests will be spread out over the weeks beginning 11th May and 18th May.

Science Week

We have designated the week beginning 18th May as science week. During this week all children will carry out varied science investigations including pond dipping. We have the 'Science Dome' visiting the school on 18th May, all classes will have sessions in the dome learning about dinosaurs or rocks, soils and fossils. We would appreciate a donation of 50p per child towards the cost of the visit.


A school report on attainment and achievement will be prepared for your child this term. We will issue reports on Friday 10th July.

Playing After School

At the end of the school day many children come on to the playground to meet you and then go and play on the outdoor play equipment on the field. I am happy for this to happen if children are supervised by parents. The school will take no responsibility for accidents whilst using the equipment outside of school hours.

I've asked children not to play ball games on the playground before and after school as there is a risk of accidents with everyone around. Please ensure your children remember this.

Yours sincerely

Michael Allen


27th Clubs Begin
30th Church 9.10am, all welcome.

3rd PTA Pond Day
6th Year 1 class assembly 2.45pm
8th SEAL workshop, Reception, details to follow
11th Yr 6 and Yr 2 SAT's begin
14th Church 9.10am, all welcome
18th Science Dome visiting
20th Class photographs
22nd School ends 3.15pm
25th-29th Half term

1st-5th Year 6 residential
10th Year 4 class assembly

10th Reports out
11th Summer fete, details to follow
14th School Open Day 3pm-4.30pm
15th Sports day, 1.15pm
16th Sports day (morning. reserve)
17th School ends 2.30pm

3rd Staff in service training day
4th Staff in service training day
7th School returns