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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


July 2015

Wednesday 15th July 2015

Dear Parents and Carers, 

We have reached the end of our school year! The children have worked very hard and should be proud of their efforts this year. Thank you too for your support and engagement with us this year. 

'Cinderella Rockafella'
Well done to all who took part in our show. It's been a great success and the children performed very well. We are all proud of the singing, dancing and acting. We hope that you have enjoyed the performances. Thank you to Ms Harding for all your help with the costumes and to all those who helped with the props.

New appointments 
We are pleased to let you know that Mrs Mandy Jones will be joining the Year 3 teaching team, alongside Mrs Saville. Mrs Jones will work on Mondays and Tuesdays, Mrs Saville will teach the rest of the week. Mrs Jones has already been in to work with the children. We are also pleased to inform you that Mrs Arnold will take on the role of Finance and Administrative officer in September. We will be recruiting for a new receptionist and advertise this over the summer on . We have also appointed Miss Anker as a lunch time supervisor from September. Well done to all and we look forward to the new term ahead.

Pupils' work
We like to send pupils' work home at this time of year. For our monitoring and reporting, we need to keep some of the work here. Once our monitoring process has finished, your child will be able to take their books home. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Breakfast Club and After School Club
Our clubs are always very popular and we thank you for always remembering to book in advance. If you know that you have set days in September that you wish to book for, please would you let the school office know. Many thanks. 

Administering medicines in school
We follow the Dorset County Council guidelines on administering medicines. Our policy is on our website. If your child needs medication for any reason, you must complete paper work to say that staff have your permission to administer it. Our staff can then administer and record the medication. This should be for prescribed medicine only.

We have had several incidences of headlice in KS1. Please make sure your child is treated immediately to stop the spreading of this in school.

Do you have any spare uniform that may be used in school as spare clothes? We are always looking for extra items that might be needed by the children. Perhaps your child has outgrown their PE kit and might suit another child? Please let us know.

Parent and pupil views. 
Thank you for all the questionnaires that you have returned to us. It is really important to leaders and governors that we gather the views of everyone. The children have completed their own version too. We will look at the results and share these with you in the autumn term. 

Parent Parking
Please be as considerate as possible when parking your car for school. We've had several complaints from residents in Woodmills Close about drives being blocked.Some residents have had to cancel some important appointments. We are an important part of the community and we want to be regarded as positively as possible, please help us to do this. 

A spiritual garden
Mrs Cuff won a grant for our school from the Bishop Wordsworth Educational Trust towards the development of a Spiritual Garden. We have £500 to spend. Would you like to join our working party? You might have ideas or expertise in this area. If you would like to help, please see Mrs Cuff or let the office know.
School Sports
Mrs Lucy Jones has worked very hard this year with our sports fixtures. We are the proud owners of a school games 'Bronze Award' which recognises

We say goodbye to Mel Peach and Stephanie Porter this term, as they go to work in other schools. We are very proud of the work which they have done here with our team and will miss them greatly.

Goodbye Year 6 
We wish all our leavers a good start in their new school. Good luck to you all. We are proud of what you have achieved here and we won't forget you.

We would like to thank the PTA for all the support they have given the school throughout the year. The PTA is always looking for new members/helpers. If you wish to join/support the PTA please let the school know.

Meet the teacher
In the autumn term, you will have the opportunity to come into school and meet with the class teachers. They will share new curriculum information and answer any questions which you might have. More information will be available as the term begins.

Keep your eye on our website for any information you might need.

We wish you all wonderful and relaxing summer break

Sarah Lafferty- Jenkins
Head teacher

Dates for your diary
17th July 2015 School ends 2.30pm

1st September 2015 Inset Day
2nd September 2015 School returns

2nd November 2015 Inset Day
4th January 2016 Inset Day
11th April 2016 Inset Day
20th July 2016 Inset Day