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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


January 2016

Monday 11th January 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

Happy New Year! We hope all our families had an enjoyable break. Thanks so much for all your gifts and kind wishes to all our staff. Well done to all the children who performed in our Nativity and Carol Concert. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. All the children did us proud.

This term is equally as busy and we look forward to an exciting year ahead. This letter should give you all the information you need. Class letters will follow.Remember, if you have any concerns or queries, you can meet with myself or others members of staff. We are always happy to help.

Sarah Lafferty-Jenkins


Miss Lyndley in Year 3

This term we welcome Miss Lyndley who teaches Year 3 on Mondays and Tuesdays. We invite all Year 3 parents and carers to meet the teachers on Wednesday 20th January at 2:45pm. Please sign in at the front desk first.


You should all have received your clubs list for this term. All our teachers run clubs; therefore, the variety on offer depends upon our skills and commitments.We have also asked the children which clubs they would prefer, especially those in Year 5 and 6.

Breakfast Club and After School Club

We are always happy to accommodate your children at our extended schools provisions. You must book in advance so that our staff to child ratios is adhered to. We offer a variety of activities, including ICT and Keep Fit, as well as breakfast of course!

Space Inspiration!

All the children have been inspired by Tim Peake's journey into space. On Tuesday 12th January the space dome arrives in school. This gives every class an opportunity to go inside and experience space in a new and exciting way. Thank you to the PTA, who have kindly funded this activity on behalf of all the children.

Stalbridge Sports Challenges

Our Netball and Football teams are in action again this term. On Thursday 14thJanuary, our footballers compete in the Davison Cup away to Sherborne Abbey.Good luck girls and boys!

Year 5 and 6 Chemistry Lecture

We are delighted that Years 5 and 6 will visit Sherborne Girls School on Monday 25th January to take part in a 'Gases in the Air' interactive lecture. We hope it goes with a bang!

National E-Safety Learning

On Tuesday 2nd February it will be our e-safety day. We are building on previous learning with visits from the Dorset Police Safer Schools team. All classes will learn about dangers of online activity and be reminded of ways to keep safe. We are offering a parent workshop on Wednesday 2nd March at 2:00pm. A letter will follow nearer the date with an opportunity to sign up.

Outdoor Play Equipment

The play equipment is inspected termly as part of our health and safety checks.You may have noticed some pieces are out of action. We are working on replacing these. All children must be supervised when using this equipment. Please can you also respect this rule when the school day is over.

Healthy Schools and Safe Lunches

Can I remind you that we operate a no nuts policy in school. Allergic reactions can be very serious, even when in contact from a distance. We also operate a no sweets or chocolate bars policy. If you provide chocolate bars, crème eggs etc your child will be asked to save it till home time. It's best to avoid the upset. We are a healthy school, promoting healthy lifestyles for your child.

Bad / Cold Weather

The weather has turned colder. Please make sure your child has a warm coat and gloves etc every day. We have lots of playtime toys that are no fun with freezing fingers.

School Closures in Bad Weather

We aren't expecting snow or flooding, though here is what we do when we need to close the school; if we have really bad weather and teachers cannot get to school, then we may have to close the school. We make a decision by 7:30am. A message will be posted on our school website ( then we text out to parents as soon as possible with the same message. If you don't receive a text, call or see a message, it means we are open. Please make sure you have given us correct contact details, just in case.

Collective Worship

This term we are exploring the Christian value of 'Hope'. We have church services every other Thursday, starting on Thursday 14th January. All families are welcome but please can we ask that noisy toddlers be removed or settled quickly.

Attendance and Illness

Better attendance is one of our school improvement goals. We are making steady progress, however, a day missed here or there has a negative impact on friendships and progress. Please encourage your child into school. Remember, prescribed medicines can be administered to your child, using our school policies and procedures. Sickness, however, does require a 48 hour clearance absence.

Recycling for School

Did you know that the school can recycle biscuit wrappers for a cash reward?Please bring them into school and help us to earn valuable funds for school.

Parents Evenings - 2nd and 4th February

This term all parents evenings (including for children with SENS needs) will be together. There will be information tables and teaching assistants on hand to tell you about ways to help your child. You will receive another letter about this in a few weeks.

Congratulations Mrs Bailey

Finally, we want to congratulate Mrs Bailey (formerly Mrs Prill) on her marriage on the 19th December. The choir were very impressive performing at the service. Well done to all the children and to Miss Gould, who leads our choir so well.

Here's some useful dates for the term…

Dates for your Diary 


Tuesday 12th Space Dome Day

Thursday 14th Church Service - 9:10am - all welcome

Wednesday 20th Year 3 Meet the Teachers - 2:45pm

Monday 25th Years 5 & 6 Science Lecture Trip

Thursday 28th Church Service - 9:10am


Tuesday 2nd E-Safety Day

Parents Evening - details to follow

Thursday 4th Parents Evening - details to follow

Thursday 11th Church Service - 9:10am

15th - 19th Half Term Holiday

Thursday 25th Church Service - 9:10am


Wednesday 2nd Year 4 Class Assembly - 9am

Parents E-Safety Workshop - 2-3pm

Thursday 3rd Bedtime Story Evening - details to follow

Friday 4th Year R Class Assembly - 9am