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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


January 2014

13th January 2014

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to the Spring term!

We hope you all had a good Christmas and will have a happy new year.

I and all our staff have enjoyed returning to school and all children have made a great start to the Spring term - a term when we can really focus on good learning and progressing the children's understanding and

We welcome Mrs Lucy Jones who will teach Year R during Mrs Brown's maternity leave and Miss Stephanie Porter who will teach Year 2. We also have three student teachers with us this term working alongside our teachers - Mr Adey and Miss English in Year 1 and Mr Scott in Year 4. We have also changed around some of our Teaching Assistant support and therefore children, particularly children with Special Educational Needs, may have someone different supporting them this term.

I look forward to a successful term for everyone.

Yours sincerely

Mr M Allen

Here's some new dates and information for you.

Our Website - all information regarding the school is available to view here. All newsletters and all other letters appear here (newsletter and letter section). Governors communication is posted in the governors section and details of clubs in the club section. The parent section includes information on absence from school. Every class has their own section on the website to post news of activities forthcoming and undertaken.

School start time and lateness
We start Wake 'n' Shake at 8.55am, registration time is 9am. If your child arrives at school after our official start time of 9am please could they come to the front desk so that they get marked in the register. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that their children attend school punctually. It is the schools duty to report persistent lateness to the Educational Welfare Service.

Holidays from School
A letter can be viewed on our website Stalbridge Primary School - Parents regarding planned absence from school. The school can not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are 'exceptional circumstances'.

School uniform and PE kit
The days are cold and the field can be muddy, please ensure your child has appropriate PE kit for the conditions and activity. Children should not wear their school jumpers or cardigans for PE. We encourage children to have tracksuits for outside sport. A sweatshirt or even an old jumper is fine to keep children warm. We have the black hooded tops in the school office for sale at £9.50. Often we have cases of children taking the wrong coat or clothing home as someone else has one like it. Please check that your child has the right clothing - the best way to ensure this is to name items clearly.

The colder months always bring a speight of illnesses. It is often unavoidable not to pass on viruses and bugs but we must try to do as much as we can to prevent illness spreading. If your child is ill with cold or flu symptoms please keep them at home until they are over the worst. If your child has had a stomach upset we recommend they have 48 hours to recover from it before they return to school.

Bad Weather
We are not expecting snow yet but just in case here's our yearly reminder of what happens should there be a sudden snowfall!
If we have really bad weather and teachers cannot get to school then we may have to close the school. I make a decision about this by 7.30am. We notify parents initially by posting a message on our website then we text out to parents as soon as possible with the same message. We only post a message, telephone and text when the school is to be closed. No message, no telephone call, no text means that the school is open. As an extra check the Dorset for You website will post a list of closed schools (

Clubs start today (Monday 13th January) these will run until 28th March. Please note there will be no after school clubs on Thursday 23rd January due to staff training and in the week commencing 10th February due to parents evenings (except Simply Football and Jazzercise). A club letter was emailed on Wednesday.

Church Visits
Our first visit to the church this term will be Thursday 16th January. The service starts at 9.10am and all parents and relatives are welcome to join us.

End of Summer Term 2014
The end of summer term 2014 was set by Dorset County Council as Tuesday 22nd July. We have designated Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd as staff development days, therefore our school year will finish on Friday 18th July at 2.30pm.

Pupil Targets
Your children will all have been set new learning targets for the new term. These help children and yourselves know where they are in their learning journey and what they must do to move further on. A copy of these will be forwarded to you and progress against these targets can be discussed by you and the class teacher at our parent consultation evenings (see dates below).

Parents Evenings
This term we are splitting our parents evenings. We will be holding a special event for parents of children with special educational needs on Thursday 23rd January, 3.30pm-5.30pm, and then parents evenings on 11th and 13th February. We will send out information about these in due course. Those who attend the event on the 23rd January will not need to attend the later dates.

Outdoor Play Equipment
In these winter months we often do not let children on the outdoor play equipment because it is damp, slippery and potentially unsafe. We would appreciate that if your children ask to go on the play equipment after school that you consider the safety implications. Thank you.

Parent Readers
We are always looking for parents who can spare some time to come in and read with children. If you have time and would like to do this please let the office know and we will arrange things.

Hot School Meals
Local Food Links provide our hot school meals. Hot school meals can be ordered online at The quality of the meals are very good - why not give them a go? If you have misplaced your activation code to start using My School Meals please call in to the school office.

Items to Collect
This year we will be continuing to collect tokens from Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco and Flora, please send these in to school with your child. Please also remember that you can help raise funds for our school by sending empty (and clean) Danone drink pots, Danone/Shape yoghurt pots and Tassimo pods and the silver outer wrappers. We will also be continuing to support Ben Tickner's appeal, please bring in clean aluminium foil/trays.

Library/ IT help
We would love some help with organising our library and helping with computer maintenance. If you feel you have the skills and the time please let us know.

After School Childcare Provision
After school child care runs every day, prices and times are:

Monday 3.15pm-4.15pm - £3.50
3.15pm-5.15pm - £6.00
Tuesday 3.15pm-4.15pm - £3.50
3.15pm-5.15pm - £6.00
Wednesday 3.15pm-4.15pm - £3.50
3.15pm-5.15pm - £6.00
Thursday 3.15pm-4.15pm - £3.50
3.15pm-5.15pm - £6.00
Friday 3.15pm-4.30pm - £4.00
4.00pm-4.30pm - £2.00

If children attend an afterschool club run by the school to 4pm then the charge for childcare provision to 5.15pm will be £3.50. We need to know a day in advance if you would like your child(ren) to attend and have payment in advance too. If you would like to pay online please contact Mrs Arnold at the office.

Breakfast Club
Just a reminder that if you wish your child to attend Breakfast Club, we must have children booked and paid for a day in advance.

Healthy Lunchboxes and Snacks
We have made a big effort this last term to ensure that children's snacks at breaktime are healthy and we continue to work with the children to promote healthy food in their lunchboxes. We encourage healthy sandwiches, salads, pastas and fruit and discourage chocolate, sweets and sugary snacks. Thank you for your co-operation.

We advise that children have a coat at school everyday now the weather is colder and wetter. We often take the children out of class and appropriate protection from the elements is required!

Parking in Duck Lane and Woodmills
The Governors and I would like to remind you to park considerately in Duck Lane and Woodmills at the start and end of school. It is important that emergency services can have access to these roads at all times and that residents of Duck Lane and Woodmills can enter and exit their homes and are not inconvenienced. We ask parents and carers not to park on the triangle bordered by the double yellow lines outside of the school gates. We have been instructed by the local police to place notices on windscreens of parents cars who do not heed this request. Thank you.

Christmas Lunch
A huge thank you to all who helped or supported the Christmas lunch, the event was a huge success.

16th Church service, 9.10am, all welcome
30th Church service, 9.10am, all welcome

11th Parents evening, details to follow
13th Parents evening, details to follow
13th Church service, 9.10am, all welcome
14th School ends
17th-21st Half term

6th Church service, 9.10am, all welcome
20th Church service, 9.10am, all welcome
26th Year 3 class visit, details to follow
27th Year 4 class assembly, 2.30pm

3rd Church service, 9.10am, all welcome
4th School ends 2.30pm
22nd School returns