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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


Internet Safety

E-safety at Stalbridge Primary School


We believe that the internet provides a fantastic resource for the children, both in and out of school. We also believe that we need to equip our children to understand the risks involved in accessing games and resources online. We want the children to discover how to use the internet safely and enjoy it by limiting the risks.

How do we teach the children about online safety?

* We celebrate internet safety day, learning about important themes such as consent, permission and personal information

* We invite the Safer Schools team in to teach our pupils - This is the online safety team at Dorset Police

* We go through safety checks every time we use the internet

* Our ICT room has safety posters, designed by the children, to help them to understand what to do to keep safe

* We use Hector's World, Thinkuknow, Children, NSPCC and Internet matters

* We keep conversations open so that children can freely report any concerns

* We keep in touch with parents so that you hvave all the information that you need.