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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School



Please be sure to continually practise sounds and letter formation at home. This will make a huge difference to the children's learning at school. Please be sure to update Tapestry as regularly as possible to allow us to see what the children are doing at home.

Hello my name is Ollie Otter.
Each week I will come and stay with you.
Please look after me.



We are going to learn our sounds starting on Phase 2 of the Letters and Sounds phonic scheme. Sounds are taught in a specific order which enable children to start to learn how to blend sounds together to read simple words and segment to spell words.


Children will practise to blend sounds together to read a word e.g. s i t = sit. Children will develop their blending (for reading) and segmenting (for spelling) skills at their level of understanding.



Here are some of the words we teach your children:


Phoneme - one sound / the shortest sound in a word e.g. day has two phonemes first sound is d, the second sound is ay.

Grapheme - the written letter which represents the spoken sound.

Segment - break up a word for spelling e.g. ship - sh i p

Blend - mix sounds together for reading e.g. f i sh - fish

Digraph - two letters that make a brand new sound e.g. wh / sh / ch / ai / ie

Trigraph - three letters that make a brand new sound e.g. igh / air / ear

Please click on the Letters and Sounds document link on the 'Links' page of our class website for further information.