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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


Eco Council

Eco Council 

Elections take place in the Autumn term and then our reps are ready to meet. We meet every few weeks. Our Eco-Council are committed to reducing waste and saving energy throughout the school. In 2015, we were awarded our silver Eco-Schools award.





We have:
Put up a new notice board to inform all pupils of our projects and activities.
Taken part in a church service.
Started a new scheme to re-cycle used postage stamps.
Sent letters to parents and the BVM notifying them of our recycling projects.
Are arranging for food waste to be recycled.
Taken part in the International Schools project with the School Council and shared ideas with a School in Islamabad on reducing waste and pollution.


White Hart Link

Our Eco-Councillors have helped in the opening ceremony of the White Hart Walkway. This will be developed over the next four years to provide a circular walkway through Stalbridge, Gillingham, Shaftesbury, Blandford and Sturminster Newton. The school was presented with a birdbox and a tray of wildflowers for our grounds from the Chairman of Dorset County Council.

Stalbridge Eco-Council and TerraCycle Community Recycling Scheme

Pollution Project - Carymoor Environmental Trust Workshop Day

#ShowtheLove - Climate Coalition Green Hearts Day

Planting Project - Improving the school environment with support from local businesses.

Polar Explorers Antarctic Flags

As part of our Polar Explorer Programme, we have been designing flags to represent the continent of Antarctica. Antarctica is an International Open Space to be shared by all nations and protected for the future of our planet. 

These are the five flags, that have been chosen by Eco-Council, to be taken by researchers to Antarctica to be displayed on Antarctica Day. We are looking forward to receiving photos and certificates from our Polar Explorer!