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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


April 2015

20th April 2015

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the summer term! We will enjoy learning and playing outside more this term. We also have many class trips to look forward to. This newsletter should give you all the information you need for this half term. 

Thank you - Charity collections
Last term we raised a lot of money for charity with your generous donations. We raised £200.52 for Red Nose Day and £160 for Ups and Downs (Down's Syndrome charity). Thank you for your support with this. The children enjoyed both events and feel very proud of the amounts raised.

School Uniform
Now that the summer months are with us, we expect the children to wear summer uniform. Smart sandals can be worn with socks. Crocks or trainers are not suitable. Hats are essential and should be labelled. Long hair can be tied back or hairbands can be worn as long as they are smart and plain. We expect the children to have applied sun cream before they come to school.

The Year 6 children will be completing their Key Stage 2 assessments this term.They will need early nights and should take advantage of our revision club. Year 2 will also be taking part in assessments, thought this is as part of their normal classroom practice. If you have any questions about these assessments please speak to the class teacher or make an appointment with Miss Lafferty.

What's happening this term? 
This term, Mrs Jones has enrolled the school into a Save the Children DEN DAY project. This involves the whole school working together to build. A more detailed letter and sponsor form will be with you shortly.

If anyone has any resources we could use to build our dens they would be greatly appreciated. Here is a list of a few items we would love to use:- 
Cardboard boxes and tubes
Bed sheets
Please let the school office or you class teacher know if you have resources.

Sailing experience
Year 5 and Year 6 will be enjoying a day of sailing in Weymouth this term. This is an exciting opportunity for all involved. 

We are looking forward to using the pool again this year. Preparations to get it ready are underway. Thank you to the PTA, who have made some improvements to the pool area. We hope to begin swimming as soon as we can. Our teaching staff have had their lifeguard training and class clubs/ timetables are being organised. A letter with details including how to make payment, will follow.

Arts week
On the last week of this half term, we will have an arts week. All the children will be focussing on specific artists and creating their masterpieces. We will have a school gallery and work will be displayed in Dikes superstore over the holiday. Some of our pupils will take part in a local gallery workshop. We look forward to this and hope you will join us on Thursday 21st May at 2.45 in the classrooms.This will also be the afternoon that Year 5 will be holding a VE Day party.

Play equipment
Our field play equipment is under construction at the moment. Thank you to those parents and governors who are helping to do so. You are advised to keep your children well away from this area at all times. 
The smaller equipment is in full use, though parents are asked to supervise their children closely if choosing to use after school. 

Shhh- Help us to learn 
Year 3 and 4 will need to have their windows open as the warmer weather arrives. Parents who arrive early can disturb children working. Please bear this in mind and encourage little ones not to play on the steps or fire exits of these buildings. 

Healthy lunches
Following on from our Healthy me topic, we are encouraging children and staff to have a healthy lunch. We are a healthy school and for this reason we will not expect to see chocolate or sweets in the children's lunch boxes. We take an active role in encouraging the children at lunch time and will speak to parents direct about unhealthy choices. Eating sugary food leads to a dip in mood shortly after eating, which we notice in school. Please help us by keeping lunch boxes healthy. We will be encouraging everyone to eat lots of fruit and vegetables too. 

Acting Deputy Heads
Whilst I am acting as Head teacher, I am happy to share that Mrs Padfield and Miss Gould will be sharing the role of Acting Deputy Head. They will be able to support the school leadership and liaise with parents and governors.

Rescue Rangers
We have playtime leaders in our school. Well done to those who have already worked hard at this job. We are in the process of recruiting new play time helpers. More details to follow.

Breakfast club
This is a very popular club and we welcome all children who would like to use this facility. Please remember to book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Health & Safety
Dogs are NOT allowed on the playground at any time, even if carried. You are welcome to wait at the gate for your child, you must make the office aware.

Wear it Wild Day!
On Friday 5th June it's Wear it Wild Day. We are asking children to come to school dressed up in a 'wild' costume, this could be a colour/stripes/spots etc. In return we are asking for a cuddly toy donation (as new condition) for a Wild Animal Tombola after school. We would like the toys brought into school on the last day of this half term (22nd May) so that we can get the tombola ready in time.

Come and Join us
We have been happy to have helpers in the classroom this term. Parents and grandparents are welcome to join us to support learning activities and reading. If you would like the opportunity to join us please ask at the office.

Yours sincerely

Sarah Lafferty
Acting Headteacher

Diary Dates

29th Year 3 class assembly, 9.10am

5th Year 5 sailing
6th Year 6 sailing
6th Year 2 class assembly, 2.30pm
7th Church, 9.10am, all welcome
11th-15th Year 6 SATs
12th Year 5 visit Nothe Fort
18th-22nd Arts Week
21st Church, 9,10am, all welcome
21st Year 5 VE Day Party, details on class newsletter
25th-29th Half term

1st-5th Year 6 Brenscombe residential
11th Church, 9.10am, all welcome
12th Class photos
23rd Sports Day (1.15pm) 
25th Church, 9.10am, all welcome

9th Church, 9.10am, all welcome
10th Reports out
16th Church, 9.10am, all welcome
17th Schools ends 2.30pm

2nd School returns