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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


April 2013

22nd April 2013 
Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to the Summer term.

I'm very pleased to be back full time at our school. I've enjoyed my work at The Dunbury Primary School and have seen many things that will be useful to take our school forward. I am very appreciative of the work that Mr McAney has done as Acting Headteacher in my absence. He is pleased to get back to teaching Year 6 for what will be his and their final term at Stalbridge Church of England Primary School. With Mr McAney returning to Year 6 we have had to say goodbye to Mrs Johnson who after covering Mrs Saville's class during her maternity leave covered for three days in Year 6. She has been brilliant during her time here and we are pleased that she has taken a post in Castle Cary for the summer term where she will continue to enhance the learning of children. 

The summer term is always a busy one. Here's what we've got to tell you about so far, we'll hope to keep you up to date with more whole school newsletters, class newsletters and texts as we progress through the term.

A club list was sent out last Wednesday and clubs start this week. We may have to cancel a club for weather reasons, staff illness/absence etc we will endeavour to give you plenty of notice of this by text.

Now that summer is nearly here we will start to see children wearing our summer uniform. May we remind parents that children should wear black shoes or sandals (in summer), trainers or mules/flip flops are not suitable.
When the warm sun does arrive children should bring labelled hats to school to protect them from the sun.Suncream should be applied before school. Staff cannot apply suncream to your child.

Healthy Snacks
Just another reminder to encourage children to have healthy snacks at breaktime. Fruit or cereal bars etc are much better than crisps or chocolate.

We're hoping for a warm summer. Children will get thirsty during lessons and playtimes and it's important that they keep their water intake up. Please encourage your child to drink regularly. Water is available in classrooms and children need to remember to fill up their water bottles.

Cycling and Scootering
As the weather gets better I'm expecting more children to cycle or scoot to school, this is open to all years. If children would like to cycle/scooter to school then they must abide by the following rules:

1. I have my parent/carers permission to cycle/scooter to school.
2. I must check my bicycle/scooter to ensure it is safe to use.
3. I must wear a protective helmet while cycling.
4. I must not cycle/scoot on school grounds.
5. I must have my own cycle lock to lock my bike and helmet up with.
6. I must not go to my bicycle/scooter during break or lunchtimes.
7. I must take responsibility for my own bicycle/scooter while it is stored at school.

It is very important that children do not cycle/scoot on the school grounds. The potential for accidents is great.If you have pre-school children who have bicycles/scooters please ensure they also do not cycle/scoot around too.

The pool refurbishment is progressing well. Our small band of paid and volunteer workers have worked really hard to transform the changing rooms and ready the pool - poke your head over the fence and see how they're getting on. As always 'many hands make light work' and we will be able to finish things quicker if we could expand our number of volunteers. We aim to have the swimming pool fully operational after half term and will send out details of swimming days nearer then. 

In my pile of paperwork to catch up on, in amongst the boring and mundane was an email from a lady who works at Montacute House to Miss Swaine. Each year Miss Swaine takes her class to Montacute for an educational visit. Her class is representative of all our classes at Stalbridge and her teaching and expectations representative of all of us. I've presented the email conversation below.

Hi Miss Swaine

I'm forwarding an email from one of my volunteers who worked with you yesterday morning. Pam is a long standing learning volunteer and has spent a lot of time with many of our young visitors. You clearly made a big impression on her.

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's visit and I look forward to welcoming you back next year.

Montacute House


I wanted to talk to you today but I was so cold I went home instead! I wonder if there is a way of feeding back to the school how brilliant their pupils were? I was doing spice bags this am with Stalbridge School and I can honestly say I think it was the best informed, best taught and best mannered group I have ever dealt with at Montacute. They were a joy to have. They were interested, polite and knew a huge amount about so much. I know it is extra work for you but I think they were so exceptional, their head needs to know, in my view.

Thank you


Here's to a good term.

Yours sincerely

Michael Allen

Dates for your diary

22nd Clubs start
25th Church, 9.10am all welcome

9th Church, 9.10am all welcome
9th Year 3 class assembly 9.00
22nd Reception class assembly, 9.10am
23rd Church, 9.10am all welcome
27th-31st Half term

3rd Year 6 Brenscombe residential
14th Class photographs
27th Sports Day 1.15pm
28th Whole school visit to Bristol, details to follow

5th Year 4 Singing Day at William Barnes Primary School
8th INSET Day
11th Year 6 induction day at Sturminster Newton High School
18th Year 6 leavers service, times to follow
19th Reports out to parents
<span>24th School ends 2.30pm