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Stalbridge Church of England Primary School


April 2012

30th April 2012

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to the Summer term - always a busy one. Here's what we've got to tell you about so far, we'll hope to keep you up to date with more whole school newsletters, class newsletters and texts as we progress through the term.

A club list was sent out at the beginning of term and clubs started last week (except swimming clubs). We may have to cancel a club for weather reasons, staff illness/absence etc we will endeavour to give you plenty of notice of this by text.

Now that summer is nearly here we are starting to see children wearing our summer uniform. May we remind parents that children should wear black shoes or sandals (in summer), trainers or mules/flip flops are not suitable.
When the warm sun does arrive children should bring labelled hats to school to protect them from the sun. Suncream should be applied before school. Staff cannot apply suncream to your child.

Healthy Snacks
Just another reminder to encourage children to have healthy snacks at breaktime. Fruit or cereal bars etc are much better than crisps or chocolate.

We're hoping for a warm summer. Children will get thirsty during lessons and playtimes and it's important that they keep their water intake up. Please encourage your child to drink regularly. Water is available in classrooms and children need to remember to fill up their water bottles.

Firstly congratulations to Mrs Saville who gave birth to Emily (8lb 1oz) last Wednesday, mother and children are both doing well. Congratulations to Miss Milree who will be getting married this Friday, she will return to school on Tuesday as Mrs Brown.

Cycling and Scootering
As the weather gets better I'm expecting more children to cycle or scoot to school, this is open to all years. If children would like to cycle/scooter to school then they must abide by the following rules:

1. I have my parent/carers permission to cycle/scooter to school.
2. I must check my bicycle/scooter to ensure it is safe to use.
3. I must wear a protective helmet while cycling.
4. I must not cycle/scoot on school grounds.
5. I must have my own cycle lock to lock my bike and helmet up with.
6. I must not go to my bicycle/scooter during break or lunchtimes.
7. I must take responsibility for my own bicycle/scooter while it is stored at school.

It is very important that children do not cycle/scoot on the school grounds. The potential for accidents is great. If you have pre-school children who have bicycles/scooters please ensure they also do not cycle/scoot around too.

We've drawn up the timetable for class swimming in school hours and after school swimming clubs. Swimming for Years 3 to 6 will start week beginning Tuesday 8th May (pool temperature permitting!), Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will start swimming after half term (week beginning Monday 11th June). After school swimming clubs start week beginning Tuesday 8th May.

am Year 3 Year 1
pm Year 5 Year 4
Year 2 Year 6 Reception
After School Club 4 5 6 3

Please could you ensure that children have their swimming things on the right day and let us know if they are not able to go swimming - we won't be able to make phonecalls if kit is forgotten. All children should have swimming hats and veruccas should be treated. Earrings should be removed or taped and covered by the child's swimming hat. Please ensure children have their school jumpers/cardigans on swimming days as they get cold after swimming.

Thanks also to the parents who have volunteered to help with swimming.

Running and maintaining the pool is expensive therefore we ask for a donation of £3 per child towards the costs. I very much hope that you will support us as you have in the past.

Yours sincerely

Michael Allen

Dates for your diary

3rd Church, 9.10am all welcome
10th SEAL workshop for Reception, 1.30-3pm, details to follow
14th-18th Year 6 SATs Week
16th Year 1 visit to Moors Valley
17th Church, 9.10am all welcome
28th Year 6 Brenscombe residential

1st School ends
11th School returns
13th Class photographs
14th Church, 9.10am, all welcome
15th Whole school visit to Weymouth, details to follow
28th Church 9.10am, all welcome

2nd Year 4 Singing Day at William Barnes Primary School
5th Year 6 induction day at Sturminster Newton High School
12th Sports Day 1.15pm
17th Sports Day reserve 1.15pm
20th School ends 2.30pm