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Day 4

After a very quiet night, everyone had to woken up from their deep slumber this morning. A hefty breakfast soon brought back the energy levels, ready for another action packed day of high ropes followed by an afternoon of abseiling and rock climbing.

Everyone challenged themselves and were amazed by what they could achieve with resilience and determination. They climbed telegraph poles, balancing on the top before jumping to grab the trapeze. Teamwork got them to the top of the seesaw (some 10m high) where they had to balance,run and jump. They swung from hoop to hoop,balanced on beams and and helped each other in amazing ways.

After lunch, and a steep walk,they split into two groups for a fantastic session of abseiling and rock climbing.

Everyone is looking forward to hot chocolate, campfire and talent contest tonight.

Day 3

We all had a much better night sleep

last night and feel refreshed.  We had a great breakfast again and have walked 5.5 miles to shell bay.


We are enjoying lunch by the seaside at the moment and getting ready for an afternoon of Water Sporting fun. 



Day 2

We have had another fantastic day in the sunshine.   Everyone started the day in high spirits despite some (Mrs Bailey and I) not getting much sleep! We started the day with archery, low ropes and rifle shooting.   


 After a delicious lunch, we went aboard the steam train to Swanage, where we  visited the RNLI station and relaxed on the beach with an ice cream. 


 After tea, we had a scavenger hunt and will be getting ready for bed shortly with hot chocolate. 

Day 1

We have had a great first day wandering around Corfe castle.  Everyone has unpcked and we are just waiting for tea, then we will venture out for a walk tonight. 


Just got got back from our night walk.  Lots of happy faces as we ate sausage and mash for tea and they are eagerly awaiting hot chocolate! 

Brenscombe week.


Keep checking this page for regular updates on our week away!  


Evacuee Day

Evacuee Day 1
Evacuee Day 2
Evacuee Day 3
We had a fantastic day exploring the journey evacuees made to the West Country. We wrote letters home, weighed rations and reacted to the air raid siren.  Everyone looked brilliant, thank you for all of your efforts.

Happy New Year!


We have started straight back into our learning.  Year 6 have some important tests in May and although we will be looking at how to do our best in these, we do also learn lots of other exciting things.  Please look at our newsletter and termly overview to see the other areas of study.  I am busy planning an Evacuee day for later this half term as our topic is 'What was it like to be an Evacuee?'  

A local book listing the brave soldiers from Stalbridge.

A local book listing the brave soldiers from Stalbridge. 1

We will be studying World War One.  If anyone has any artefacts they would be happy to share with us, we would be very grateful. 


The village looks spectacular in the run up to rememberance day, a very special one this year and Stalbridge certainly will not forget those brave soldiers.